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  1. Hi Phil,They just get better & better. Regards Trudie
  2. trudie

    Hello from York

    Welcome from me too, Trudie
  3. Thanks all, Decision made, I'm just going to take a good camera and the bins. In answer to the ? e are going to Sharm to swim with Nemo but will be visiting the pyramids and the valley of the kings while there. Can't wait !!!! Cheers All Trudie
  4. That is terrific, I like the coloured one best. Regards Trudie
  5. Going 2nd 2 weeks in September if I don't take the scope i will definatley take the bins got those ones from LIDL's not bad at all. Thanks for the offer Rog will take you up on that. I do want to improve the setup but I'm afraid I want it yesterday, Not very patient but perhaps need to just keep trying to find things myself for now. trouble is I think its me being thick and not looking in the right places. Trudie
  6. I have been suffering from lack of enthusiasm as far as getting the scope out is concerned, hence I have not been making a nuisance of myself with loads of daft questions. I think part of the reason is sheer frustration cos no matter how I try I cannot find any darned DSO's, let alone attempt to photograph them!! Have to wait till until my birthday for the upgrade kit for autoguiding (can't justify the expense at the mo) Anyway I'm going to Egypt soon (for our 30th anniversary) and am wondering about taking the ED80 to be used on an adapted camera tripod. What do you guys think is it worth it or not? Interested to hear your views. All the best Trudie
  7. Welcome from me too. Trudie
  8. Hiya Rog, Glad the dogs okay, know only too well how that trip to the vet feels, but at least it turned out good. Long time no talk be in touch soon All the best Trudie
  9. Hi from me too, you,ll like it here they are a great bunch. All the best Trudie
  10. Beautiful image, I like it just as it is. Trudie
  11. Managed to get this one between clouds before they completley covered the sky. Trudie
  12. Brill image, nice to see a bit of clear sky at last. Trudie
  13. Cracking image John, All the best Trudie
  14. Lovely image, can I ask is there a primer to tell me how to do mosaics, Trudie
  15. I thought this would be like riding a bike, I've forgotten just about everything, most aggravating, I'm spending valuable clear skies messing about trying to remember how to do things.
  16. Its not great cos I've forgotten how to process as well, must be my age !!!!
  17. God forbid Ron, I,m past that, no it was a grandson, named Aidan, he's 6 weeks old now. I was so dissapointed as I could see 4 moons as well, still another time I guess Trudie
  18. Well having not got the scope out for over 6 weeks, as I've been too busy cuddling the new babe, last night after an evening of babysitting I came home to a very clear sky. It was pretty late but Jupiter was irresistible so I set up to image, which was no mean feat as I think the memory is playing up and I couldn't remember settings etc: It took me about 2 hours, then just as I was ready to press capture on the lappy a huge bank of cloud covered the sky. Oh the frustration of this hobby !!!!! Definitely what you call S*** LAW. All the best Trudie
  19. I see nothings changed while I've been gone, yet another cracker Rog trudie
  20. Lovely images Geoff, don't matter how many I see I never get fed up looking at the moon. All the best Trudie
  21. Great image, I too love the blue background, looks almost surreal. Trudie
  22. trudie


    Hi Gordon, welcome to the most helpful forum I've found. Trudie
  23. trudie

    Hello All :o)

    Hello from me, they are a great bunch on here, Trudie
  24. Welcome from me too, Trudie
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