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  1. Your assistant is a little smasher, my grandson who's 5 is nuts about the sky, and knows more about whats up there than I do, mainly thanks to the programme "Little Einsteins". Its great to see their enthusiasm. Trudie
  2. Just as we have all come to expect, wonderful. Trudie
  3. Superb Dave, gives us something to strive for. Trudie
  4. Thats a cracker, if I can get something even vaguely resembling that I'll be ecstatic. Trudie
  5. I just keep looking on with envy, smashing piccy. Trudie
  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes guys, I had a terrific evening on the patio with the scope, being brought regular cups of tea, and even cheese on toast! I even chose this over being taken out to dinner !! Now back to my image, a couple of bits of advise if poss, Am using a Meade DSI, with the ED80 on a HEQ5 1. How long exposures should I be looking at, and how many? 2. Should I just let the Meade stack and process automatically? 3. If no to last question, what would you suggest to stack and process? I probably have loads more questions, but one step at a time Thanks Trudie
  7. Well finally got the polar alignment spot on, 3 star align perfect, tracking really impressive, staying on target for well over an hour. Thought I'd have a go at my 1st DSO, now I know I'm doing summat wrong, but I think Bern has put me right. I think I need loads more subs. Now no laughing ..............bet you can't guess what it was supposed to be. Trudie
  8. Now your just showing off, no really thats an absolute beauty. Trudie
  9. Hi Steve, Welcome from me too Trudie
  10. Hi Andy, One thing you will guarantee, the guys on here will sort your problems out for you, no matter how long it takes them. They are a great bunch. Trudie
  11. trudie

    Hi There

    Welcome, I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay Trudie
  12. I'm so sorry guys, when I said it was pointing towards polaris I did'nt think it meant the whole scope, and now I feel totally stupid, cos guess what, when I start it from the park position it goes in the right direction, its not very accurate bit i'm sure that is down to trial and error. MY DEEPEST THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR TIME AND PATIENCE. A very humble and embarrased Trudie
  13. I did'nt do the park bit first, would that make that much difference? Everything else was done correct, of that I'm sure (having done it all too many times to count). In the cold light of day, I'm still baffled. Trouble is I may have to wait forever now for another good night. Thanks All Trudie ( with enthusiam at a record low)to the extent I'd don't want to set up even if its clear.
  14. There is no North /South switch to select, I'm beginning to wish I'd never upgraded. Thanks All, going to bed, trudie
  15. There is a switch on the original handset, but not on the go to upgrade, at least I cant find one, and it don't seem to mention it in the given (destructions) sorry instructions. Right now destruct sounds good !!!
  16. Thanks Geoff, I think its ok in both, I only have an ed80 on the mount, and have loads of space on the counterweight rod. I think I may have to ask someone very nicely if they can come and help me out. ( i'm sure he knows who I mean), but I will ring him soon. Ta to you all, Trudie Oh why is life never simple?
  17. Hi Beamish, no not really, about 90 degrees (ish) away from target
  18. Thanks all, I give up for now, I'm absolutley frozen, The co-ords I used are actually on my doorstep, but will try the others, but am beginning to think I may have a fault. i definatley did have the scope pointing at polaris, even had polaris in the little circle for the 1st time ever Your not being rude, but I followed the manual to the letter, checking and double checking everything as i did'nt want to make an obvious error. I do have a query, no rush I'm going to bed to get warm. I put the time in 24hr clock (20:36:07) as instructed, press enter, it then checks with you the time you have entered, and it comes up (08:36:07 PM), it did confuse me and I can't find any way of altering it, but it does say PM. Is this correct? Thanks All trudie
  19. I have it set at 00 39 E 51 35 N I think thats correct, maybe its not me .Have checked and double checked there is no flashing LED anywhere. Sorry to be a pain guys. Trudie
  20. Have just given it another go. Yep, did that as decscribed, its when it slews to a given star it all goes to pot, and developes a mind of its own. Power source fully charged, had read about that problem, so was well prepared. Trudie
  21. Definatley no switch perhaps if I stood on my head it would help,
  22. Sorry Andrew was'nt being sarcastic, Have tried saying No and YES to daylight savings it does'nt make any difference, I'm sure there is'nt a switch for hemisphere, at least I can't find one. I was really looking forward to having my 1st go at DSO's imaging 2nite now I'm just stuck !!! Trudie
  23. Yep, could'nt do it wrong really as its 11-11-2007. Trudie
  24. I think so, timezone sey at zero, daylight savings "YES" I assume thats correct, its actually not even slewing in the correct direction, I'm totally baffled, tried time and time again with the same results. I must just be some sort of an idiot!! Trudie
  25. At last a clear sky, time to try out the new HEQ5 upgrade, reasonably polar aligned, lat/long coords in correct, date right format, time right format. Decided to do 3 star align, chose Capella and it slewed down to the ground, tried Alderbaren again totally wrong direction, right now I don't know whether to cry or throw the scope down the garden(if it were'nt so damned heavy) PLEASE HELP, WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? Trudie
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