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  1. Super Cool woodpecker see for the fun crazy birds-video ----> https://youtu.be/2KtURsKEBgM
  2. been to your site ,,,,,, wow!!! I feel like amature ... hahaha very nice pics ,,,,,, Carole https://sites.google.com/site/caroleastroimaging/
  3. thats is nice wow!! more then me ^,^)/ in the Netherlands we cal. chickadee A mees thanks
  4. this my 80mm old polarex Scope looks oke on live video see ----> video https://youtu.be/qa4MBv6YyY8 this my finger with a real bird !!! if you like to do also you need give every day food .... takes a very long time to get Birds on your hand.
  5. think have put 8K video ... but see 4K video Hmmm..... BLUE STAR in 8K Ultra HD (7680 x 4320) video Size is (7680 x 4320) on youtu?? but see 4K you can see this video ---> https://youtu.be/OoQlRI_Xvwc
  6. software 8k video converter !!!! where can i find it.
  7. some make 8k videos please contact me. have make 4K .... now want to go to ... 8k video ultra hd converter
  8. hello everybody nice to meet you all my question is. let's say I have a video of a star of a planet. !!!! what for software is the best to follow this planet or Star want to crop video or zoom in. planet or Star for instance planet or Star goes from left to right. how can planet or Star to put in the centre of my video please help thanks \(^,=)/
  9. Dont know the Name of star .... but was a bright star. thanks.
  10. hi .... am new in sun .... !!!! your telescope will become. Hot when you look at the sun ..... Maybe you can bake an egg on telescope ... lol(^,^)/ nice sun photos
  11. super cool Solar observation !!!! wait I have to wear my glasses HAHA i never done solar ..... like to do some day .....
  12. this is my saturn video and photo https://youtu.be/whM40ob2Wrk thank-you-(>^,^<) TRAILER dr.wmv
  13. hello this is my polarex 132F (((( https://youtu.be/7gPlOR__86w )))) POLAREX 132F video like New, this telescope pier has no scratches on it \(=,^)/ thank you, telescope from the 1950s
  14. you can see blue star video ! And Photo ! https://youtu.be/0sKQNnSjuYA
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