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  1. Thank you all for your advice! it is greatly appreciated. I will try some of your suggestions and let you know how things are going, biggest problem now is that I only get about 1 good night a week, (if that) because of the lousy weather here in central PA. thanks again Shawn
  2. Thanks Rob I will try your suggestions, as I have been using rather high aggression rates.
  3. Hi, I am brand new to this forum, and I have a question regarding what is the best auto guide rate to use for a eq6rpro mount running phd2 guiding. I have an eq6rpro mount with a ed 80 imageing scope, a 60 mm orion guide scope, a qhy5ii 2 m guide camera and a qhy 163 m camera. I recently got the mount and switched over to pulse guiding with phd2, I have the guide rate set at 0.5x the problem is my guiding seems to be all over the place with an average rms of 1.2 . I know this mount is capable of much better guiding than this, on my last mount an avx my rms average was 0.6 to .0.7 and to me there is no comparison between an avx and an eq6 r pro. my question is does anyone have a similar setup, and what guide rate and settings in phd 2 are you using to get good guiding, I know all mounts are different, and no 2 perform alike, im just looking for some suggestions that I can try till I get my guiding better. btw, my polar alighnment is very good I use sharp cap for that and my balance and everything else relevant to getting good guiding is good. so please share some of your suggestions. thank you, Shawn.
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