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  1. Öhm, since I've repeated the measurements on the ORION LHD 80 4mm with more accurate tools I have to apologize for some mistakes: 1. AFOV is 80° 2. eyelens-diameter is 30mm 3. concavity of the eyelens is 2.5mm so calculated eyerelief is 17.9+2.5=20.4mm Hope you can forgive therefore?
  2. Hi Louis, I use to observe with contact lenses, but I'll think on a try with my glasses as soon as i can start a firstlight. By the way I also own a 22 NT4 and it's a real keeper?
  3. Actually I did some measurements and calculations. In several attempts I've determined a FOV of roundabout 83 degrees(82 with fully-lifted eyecup, 84 in its lowest position). The eyelens-diameter is indeed 30mm. Together this yields a calculated eyerelief of ~17mm. Its concave eyelens got a depth of 3.5mm. All in all the eyerelief is indeed roundabout 20mm.
  4. Took a chance on a new 4mm LHD at 180$ three weeks ago (amazon us). Unfortunately weather since then is terrible. So if it becomes better(and it got to because of the 0.8mm exit pupil and 380x on my 12inch dob) I'll try a review. At the moment I only can confirm that it is heavy glass but well processed. Clear skies
  5. Thumbs up, this guy handles his equipment with care! Thanks a lot, Sylvain
  6. In my experience on an UNDRIVEN F/5-Dob a good gradation of focal lenght(single eyepieces or combination with barlow) would be: 30mm, 2", 68-82°(ExitPupil 6mm) - for searching DSO's 20mm, 2", 68-82°(ExitPupil 4mm) - for galaxies, nebulars, star cluster [~14mm, 2", 82°(ExitPupil 3mm] - the real workhorse for DSO's 10mm, 1.25", 82°(ExitPupil 2mm) - for star globulars, small galaxies or nebulars -notice that under 10mm focal lenght the object you're looking at will rush quite fast trough the FOV- [~7mm, 1.25", 82°(ExitPupil 1.4mm)] - see 10mm 5mm, 82°-110°(ExitPupil 1mm) - for planets and double stars [4mm, 82°-110°(ExitPupil 0.8mm)] - see 5mm - an alternative for 5 and 7mm could be the Antares Speers Waler Zoom 5-8mm(out of production) - all focal lenghts in [..] can be added later(starting with ~14mm) - watch out for eye eyereliefs bigger than 17mm if you wear spectacles just 2cents from another newbie, open for other opinions(eyepieces will ever be a very personal decision)
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