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  1. Heard so many good things about this 'scope. How you getting on with it Gaz?
  2. Great tool, well devised. It's helping me a lot in choosing the right EPs for my ZS80 II. Cheers!
  3. I was posted in Pembs near St. David's in fact. The skies out that were were superb (not as good as rural Afghanistan though! ) Nice image btw
  4. Hi guys I haven't done any research into the use of these accessories but I'm lead to believe that they are designed for bringing out nebulae? Can anyone clarify if this is correct and can recommend good 1.25 and 2" filters for my f/6.8 80mm apo.
  5. Hi guys are there any Mac owners out there that have a copy of Celestia installed? Reason I ask is because I'm struggling to install any add-ons from the Celestia Motherlode and was wondering if they are even compatible?
  6. Yeah the Earth is a magnificent blue jewel. I like the contrast between the lifeless, barren Moon and the sultry Earth, teeming with life. Best seen in the famous photograph "Earthrise."
  7. Is the 66's dew shield retractable?
  8. Off topic: being a resident of rural Leicestershire I'd like to know where this dark site is
  9. Ok guys thanks all for the tips. Which model you guys looking at?
  10. Ok, they must be good then if they manage to support that kind of equipment, especially cameras!
  11. Cheers Kev, I'll do a bit of research into these, not heard of them before. So they're pretty solid? What about the ease of tracking? I wish I know about this kind of stuff... "doh!"
  12. Hi guys. I'm looking for a portable solution for my WO ZS80 II and, seeing as my other half works in a photography shop (discount - cheers love!) I was thinking on a camera tripod. I'd like to know if people have had good experience of camera tripods by such names as Manfrotto and Giottos. What are they like for balance and rigidity? I'm aware of other, more practical options such as the Vixen Porta but such mounts are a little beyond my budget. What about the tripod that WO make? And how feasible is it to track objects at high(ish) power? Cheers Gareth
  13. A young Sagan in the making
  14. Hi mate, welcome to the forum - rural Wales is definitely something to savour. Clear skies!
  15. Sweet cheers gents.
  16. AKA ace-cameras.co.uk. Has anyone had any dealings with this supplier before? Good or bad experiences? Sorry mods if this is in the wrong area - didn't want to put it in the Supplier Reviews section!
  17. That's a nice way to describe it. Helps simpletons like me anyway haha - you should write a book about it!
  18. Nice collection Stuart. Little off-topic question for you if I may: where did you get hold of the foam padding?
  19. I think you may have found a winner Darren. I'll look into that one. Cheers!
  20. Just the job, cheers John. Do you think I could attach that to the AZ-3? I know it sounds a bit crude, but I really only wanna use this setup for looking a obvious bright targets. Surely it would be sturdy enough to support a simple setup like the one I'm gonna build towards - no imaging accessories to take into account, so no extra weight there. Is it a nice smooth motion?
  21. Hadn't thought of that one, John. Clearly no mounting rings needed for this one then.
  22. Hehe np - you were confusing me a little, trying to get my head round it.
  23. Thanks Helen. I think that's what I'm leaning towards with using the Vixen Compatible dovetail plate. I've looked at the online user manual for the M-90 on the WO website and it explains that you can use the dovetail plate, secure the foot at one end and then use a mounting ring (or two) further up towards the objective. Can this be done? I'm sure I've read a thread on here somewhere about someone attempting this but because the mounting ring and foot are at different heights, they don't sit flush to the dovetail plate? Or, Helen, do you just attach the foot at one end of the dovetail and it remains sturdy enough? Any experience of using this setup on an AZ-3 mount?
  24. I see what you've done there and it looks stunning. But the scope I'm looking at is the older version and those 90mm mounting rings will have to be positioned quite far forward because of that horrible little foot they put on for mounting it to 1/4" camera tripod heads.
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