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  1. Why so? If they both have a similar size mirror/objective I would have thought there was not too much in it.
  2. I have decided after a year and a half out I need a scope. My last scope was a 10 inch OO dob. I broke 3 ribs the last time I used it falling off my observing chair trying to find an object at the zenith. I don't want to spend a huge amount of money and I don't want a big scope anyone either. I was thinking about a small Newt 6 inch perhaps, a 4 inch frac maybe or a 127 Cat of some kind. I have a thing for TAL scopes and was looking at another RS100 or a 2M. I have found a SH 100R with tripod and also a TAL 1. I had a 100RS before and probably should never sold it. But I do have a thing for re
  3. I have just come across a GO-TO refractor with a fl15 with 750mm objective in a wooden box with GEM? and a wooden tripod for a 160 quid. That to mee seems cheap. I have done a little research and it seems these scopes are on a part with Unitron. Can anyone confirm or deny this or any other details?
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