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  1. I just came across this GIMP astrophotography tutorial today. It should give you some ideas. Clear skies!
  2. I have been using the Skyguider Pro for about a year and really like it. In my opinion, there is no need to buy an overpriced wedge in order to get good results with this mount. While the stock wedge could definitely use some refinement, I've been able to get good polar alignment by loosening the locks just enough to turn the adjustment screws and still feel some resistance. After that, I don't touch the locks. In fact, the only time I touch the locks is if the temperature has changed significantly from the previous night causing the locks to become loose or tight. At the focal length that these mounts are designed to operate, you don't really need perfect polar alignment. Get whichever one suits you and get out and take some pictures. For reference, I usually shoot at 300-400mm with 3 minute exposures. I'm pretty sure I could expose longer if my skies permitted. Clear skies!
  3. Maybe try updating to the lastest firmware, 4.39.10, available here. http://skywatcher.com/download/software/synscan-v4-hand-controller-firmware/ Clear skies!
  4. That's not encouraging. Guess I'll stick with the Skyguider for now. Hope to try some 2:00 subs tomorrow with better balance. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks for the info and the link. I opted for the Skyguider Pro and can get 2:00-2:30 exposures pretty easy at 250mm. I've only had a chance to do 400mm once and got 1:15-1:30 but it was pretty unbalanced so I had to throw away about 35% of them. (Second counterweight ordered.) I'm not really interested in guiding since 3:00 is about the limit for my skies and I don't want to be tethered to a laptop. I like being able to pick up my rig and walk out the front door to image. I'd love to know how long you can go at 400mm unguided as I would upgrade in a heartbeat to have go-to capability if I could do even 2:00-2:30. With the Skyguider Pro, I'm ready to image in 5 minutes but it takes me 10 to find my target. BTW, your setup looks nice. Cheers!
  6. Do you have a link to where this was discussed? I was really interested in this mount for DSLR work but the lack of a polar scope made it a non-starter. Thanks!
  7. If you are not using one already, I suggest an inexpensive reticle eyepiece also. It greatly improved my go-to accuracy. Clear skies!
  8. A quick Amazon search yielded this, which is similar to the one I have. Quite a bit more money than in the states. I'm sure someone from the UK will chime in with other suggestions. https://www.amazon.co.uk/TalentCell-Rechargeable-6000mAh-12000mAh-Lithium-x/dp/B0713T4XT9/ref=mp_s_a_1_3/258-4381971-2974058?ie=UTF8
  9. Seems like overkill. It's 50% of the price of the mount and weighs 50% more than the mount. Kind of takes the portability out of it. For comparison, the battery I linked is around 350 grams and I can strap it to a tripod leg with Velcro. On the plus side, you could slew all night, and then some, with juice to spare.
  10. For power, I'm using this to power the mount and a dew strap. Always plenty of power left at the end of the session. Obviously it will depend on the amount of slewing that you do. https://www.amazon.com/Talentcell-Rechargeable-6000mAh-Battery-Portable/dp/B00MF70BPU I've never used AA batteries.
  11. The thing that helped my tracking the most was getting a cheap illuminated reticle eyepiece to use for alignment. There are some really cheap ones on eBay. I ordinarily don't recommend cheap, but In this case it only gets used once per session. I don't even use the illuminator most nights. Just defocus your alignment star a little and it's easy to see the cross hairs. I use one with double cross hairs and just put my defocused alignment star in the little square formed in the middle. Clear skies!
  12. DSS has a setting for the temporary files folder. Set this to use your D drive. (Settings>Stacking Settings>Intermediate Files>Temporary Files Folder) Clear skies!
  13. Maybe I'm just thinking wrong, but can't you just use the Alt-az firmware and tell the mount that you are at 90° latitude?
  14. Ah, thanks. No wonder I couldn't find it, I was looking for something that was belt driven. Looks like a Europe only item but I think the Orion USA one is identical. Thanks again.
  15. Do you have a link or a part number for this focus motor? Thanks.
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