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  1. I have been attached from one social network to the next. Flip flopping. banning, quitting. rejoining, requitting etc over the last 7 years. (im not gonna name names) This is my first week actually using and getting established to the SGL atmosphere and I must say the air in all the posts i have read are just amazing. This is exactly the feeling of being around professional people. No whining, no crying, no i am better than you. No 18 paragraph long stories of why someones idea is better, and why you are wrong 17 ways from sunday.... The people here are so accepting, kind, and humane. This is reality. This is how it should be. This feels like every star party I have ever been too. Totally inviting, and "hey lets have a drink , chat and eat a bunch of taco's" type people. Thank you so much for this great little spot on the internet. Seriously, with places like reddit, and secret societies and elitists trying to just tell you what to buy and have total complete control, and the established protocol of ignorance etc, etc. I am shocked this place exists the way it does I can already tell i am stuck here for a long long time with great enjoyment reading all the past posts. Thank you one last time, this place truely is the finest example of the astronomy hobby the internet has to offer. I feel very welcomed, and comfortable here. Thank you all for everything you have ever contributed herre, eventually I will find more things that amaze me: and more importantly teach me more things than I thought I was already aware of. Bless you all for the well being you have created! <Apollo Lasky>
  2. A_P_O_L_L_O


    you know one of the greatest pieces of astronomy gear i ever purchased was a pair of celestron 25x100mm binoc's... Dear lord the amount of stars you see is just nuts compared to a single 100mm objective.....
  3. A_P_O_L_L_O

    It's looking bleak

    that has happened to me so many times this month i havei nicknamed it. telicicles....
  4. A_P_O_L_L_O

    Revisited an old image, from back when the sun was active

    love that color scheme, id make the intensity a little brighter but thats just my personal taste Or maybe my monitor. it is crazy how different the color scheme of images look when going from my computer screen to ipad screen. Then on my hdtv screen... Ive noticed that some Computer screens do not produce as good color as, some of the newer LED HDtv's. The color diffierence is just insane, brightness, contrast, black ratio.... I am shocked that modern monitors did not catch up until this year, and for some reason when you hook a high end nvidia graphics card to the high end QLED tv, its limited to the computer color standard and not the HDR broadcast color. I hope you do not mind me doing this with your image, but I enjoyed the image very much and wanted to see what it looked like with powerful intensity. I will delete it if you disapprove of my actions, I have applied all image credits to your work. Its your image! Its an amazing image. Oh, and that top left prominences quadrant? So amazing!
  5. A_P_O_L_L_O

    Observing Comet 46P

    You have confirmed everything I spent hours trying tonight the hardest way possible. 10 degree weather, 5 shots of vodka. ZERO visual. 100% clear skys, zero turbulance. Perfect seeing. ZERO comet. It is only visible with long exposure cameras , or massive telescopes.. It is so diffuse its invisible. I am hoping a coronal mass ejections rips off 90% of the coma to make it explode into a REAL visual comet.
  6. A_P_O_L_L_O

    Observing Comet 46P

    i tried to locate it for 3 hours tonight and this is all I got... YES THAT IS ICE ALL OVER MY TELESCOPE. Could not find it at all using a 40mm eypeiece under perfectly clear skies in illinois.. So you guys that are seeing it visually have some voodoo magical powers....
  7. A_P_O_L_L_O

    Things you probably missed

    agreed. I am entirely unconventional and it bothers people some oldies real quick. The whole solar liability issue etc, the large file allocation. I completely understand. I always advocate safety, and ALWAYS present my methods as imaging only. Cameras are the only way you can utilize calcium filters, its a common fact. 1% of the human population can visually see calcium solar filter light. I never tell people to use eyepieces unless baader planetarium astrosolar film is involved.
  8. Well i can assure you at the power "low end power" i used, i aint visual in naperville illinois... .
  9. yea, all the the photos i am seeing of it posted on space weather are 100+ second images. Thats not at all visual. If its a little bit warmer outside tomorrow and still clear I will drag my computer outside and take some 30 second exposures. I would at least like to see the thing myself. Heck Ill drive 60 miles away just for an image.
  10. I spent three hours, with a 45mm eyepiece, and 90mm x 800mm telescope. Now, HAving this amaizng proximity directly under the pleadies and directly to the right of orions lower riight leg this thing should of popped out like a green LASER, easiest comet ever to find. )considering everyone said its as large as the full moon!... Everyone claiming this thing as big as a full moon, how the HECK coudl Inot even get a glimpse of it?! No way in heck , I couldnt even see it. You will only see this thing with an astronomical camera using long exposure. Which is very saddening considering all the hype put behind it. I live in a forrest preserve where there was zero obstruction, I tried for HOURS locating it. I CANT FEEL MY DANG TOES RIGHT NOW. I slammed 4 shouts of vodka just to become insensitive to the 16 degree FROZEN weather. I live in illinois, 35miles west of chicago. Clear, perfect skys, zero turbulance, zero wind. zero degrees. The only thing i captured was frost ALL OVER MY TELESCOPE. Orion's belt, incredible. Oriions nebula, incredible. Pleadieis incredible. Sirius, incredible! Wiratnen, MIA..... I WAS SO SAD, any 12 year old should be able to see this thing based on the internet hype. I was out there for 3 hours looking for this " " full moon sized green comet of the century" no luck. so sad. slewing manually for a solid hour, typing in exact coorodinates in my meade autostar paddle, using my ipad to point directly with wifi. I got nothing but drunk....... Lol. Seriously, how could i not find this thing next to orion the way it is? It should of been like, turning my head..... That simple.
  11. A_P_O_L_L_O

    Things you probably missed

    Thank you for this information I will definitly make contact with Lucie Green. I have also considered contacting Tamitha Skov. She is the spaceweather woman.
  12. A_P_O_L_L_O

    Polishing glass plates

    What about a method that combines the technology of wave soldering machine with that of an air knife? If the grinding mixture is flowing the slurry at a perfect 90 degree angle that is completely uniform pushing the slurry wave's, Would the flatness be that of the molecular surface tension of the liquid slurry pushed by the the precise air knife? Again this brings me back to the theory of a rock tumbler. The rocks tumble in the aluminum oxide and it just slowly erodes over time from the rotational flow. Now the same thing happens with a horizontal flow, or circular flow. It is just a matter of establishing how to predict the flatness of the flow itself. An air knife is like a laser, and the wave solder machine develops uniform crests with digital control tidal peaks I dont have to start with 400mm, that is just my long term goal once I establish a method of getting an assitsed grinding DIY technology established. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/transcoded/d/db/Solder_wave.ogv/Solder_wave.ogv.240p.vp9.webm
  13. A_P_O_L_L_O

    Things you probably missed

    This is getting insane, and basically personal harassment now. I am getting peer reviewed to be banned for trying to sell professionally engineered items on astromart? Seriously, when does this attempt to erase and silence me end? I just have no words to describe how insane it has become that a tiny group of individuals are repeatedly trying to deny me from doing anything with the astronomy community?
  14. A_P_O_L_L_O

    variable polarising filter question

    sometimes cheap is not the best way to go. especially with optical filters. https://www.baader-planetarium.com/en/baader-single-polarizing-filter.html This one was literally made for Herschel wedges and quite literally contains the highest quality control standards. Schneider kreutznach glass provides the best filters on earth, and the baader planetarium name supplies you with guaranteed satisfaction with zero quality loss, zero hazing, zero fogging and zero reflections / double images..
  15. I can help you determine with fairly good accuracy how well you will see H-alpha light. Take any ordinary optical mouse, turn it upside down and look at the light. (some optical mice have invisible infrared led lights so dont let this be an instant conclusion if you see no light at all, get a second opinion) Does it look bright red? If so you are good The optical mouse uses a a 630-660nm led which coincidently includes hydrogen alpha. If you cannot see the light of an optical mouse but a second part confirms it is there and red, I would say you would not see the light of an h-alpha telescope. Now color blindness itself does not nesscisarily mean your eyes are "blind" and not still picking up some form of optical data information that is being relayed to your brain, it could be just that your brain is interpereting the light differently. So, although color blind it still may very well be entirely full of all the nice h-alpha details very special to your brains method of relaying those details.. Another example is a red laser pointer, if you can see the red dot, and explain to someone "hey that looks red" you are seeing red... It is very hard for a person that has never seen a color before to explain what it looks like to another person. So, with this logic I can give you this final conclusive answer. Have you ever watched the sun set? ,Can you ask yourself definitively "hey this sunset looks like the light in my optical mouse!"" If you have seen a red sunset, and it reminds you of the color of your optical mouse, you are very well adept in observing red light, and h-alpha is not going to be an issue for you. One final test you can do, put a 25a color filter in your eyepiece and look at the moon. If you see any craters at all, you are going to see surface details on the sun with h-alpha..

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