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    Have just bought a Celestron NexStar 8SE, with StarSense Autoalign, SkySync, etc.
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  1. Hello. I'm a new user of my telescope, a Celestron NexStar 8SE, and unfamiliar with the effects of accessories. So I'm asking this in order to best select a set of eyepieces (my telescope came with only one 1.25", 25mm eyepiece). My first question involves a Reducer/Corrector: I've heard of the benefits of using Celestron's accessory, a 0.7X "Reducer/Corrector (#94175) to brighten dim objects (f10 to f6.3). However, I also understand that it widens the field of view, so I'm wondering how it would affect apparent magnification. For example, if I like the view of a hypothetical object (i.e, how much it fills the field) using a 15mm eyepiece, how might that change when I use this Reducer/Corrector? Would I then, using the Reducer, want to use a shorter focal length eyepiece (e.g., a 10 or 12 mm) instead. My second question involves going to 2" eyepieces (this telescope came with a 1.25" eyepiece), noting that if I do go to 2" eyepieces, I'll also include buying a fully 2" diagonal as well rather than an adapter to a 1.25" diagonal. I have been led to believe that 2" eyepieces have a wider field of view, so I wonder how that compares to the 1.25" eyepieces. For example, hypothetically assuming that I want to retain a certain magnification that I get from my 1.25" diameter/25mm f.l. eyepiece, am I right to believe that I would want to go to a shorter focal length in a 2" eyepiece? I really appreciate any help and advice you can offer. Thank You, in advance.

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