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  1. Thank you for your analysis Alan that is a very useful calculator ... bookmarked! ... should have explored SGLs menus more ? Meade 2" 56mm looks interesting too.
  2. Thanks Vlaiv I hadn't come across those, I have been looking at the OVL PanaView 2" 32mm, but those certainly looks like an interesting alternative.
  3. I'd appreciate some thoughts on selection of a wider EP. My current eye pieces are... cheap 10 mm Kellner - maybe it's just physics but always seems to disappoint Vixen 15 mm Plossl - nicer to use and view through than the other two cheap 25 mm Kellner - seems ok to my very inexperienced eyes I am thinking a wider and/or lower power EP might be a good next purchase for the following reasons... When viewing DSOs and clusters I sometimes feel I would like to step back a bit a see a little more I wonder whether a wider view though an EP may present an alternative more comfortable way to find things than using the finder scope Any recommendations? ... my budget would be up to about £80
  4. Yes, you'r right, learning the constellations is the way to go. Unfortunately Sheffield is quite a stretch for me, but thank you for the invite all the same.
  5. Thank you all, for your kind welcome ?
  6. Thanks John, that is certainly on my list to try. "leave off the spotting scope" ... good advice, easy to forget.
  7. Ah yes, that makes sense. thanks
  8. Thank you I will add that to my Christmas list ?
  9. Hi All, Another complete beginner here. Wow what a cool hobby, who'd have thought that another galaxy was visible from my back garden? Puts my neighbours, now even more annoying, Leylandii in perspective. But I guess the tree does block some of the light pollution. No firm goals, but so far vey much enjoying... Just looking. AP looks fun, (and very expensive) but I need a hobby away from the keyboard and mouse. Learning about the objects I've just seen. The simplicity of a Newtonian reflector on a Dobsonian mount. No electronics ... although as an electronic engineer, very tempted to instrument the dob mount with a micro-controller, so I know where it's pointed. I wonder why they don't print alt/azimuth scales on Dobsonian mounts? Rubbish views of amazing astronomical objects. Struggling to find and then observe the actual photons from an object in space is surprisingly rewarding JohnH
  10. Absolutely! My first view of Saturn and my family's first view through the scope ?
  11. Starting to get to grips with my first telescope and thinking about extra/better eye pieces. Currently have the supplied cheap 25mm and 10mm Kellners. I already have a fairly expensive (I think it was ~£60) Horizon 6x loupe. Its intended purpose was to help focus the image on the ground glass of a large format camera, but it looks just like a telescope eyepiece. A quick web search would seem to indicate it might have a focal length of 35mm. Counting the reflections from a bright lamp I would guess it has at least 3 elements. Maybe it's like a Kellner? Unfortunately it has a 1 1/2" barrel but balances well enough on a 1 1/4" mount to be focused. Seeing wasn't great tonight, but first impressions are surprisingly good, field of view was good, focus up to the edges seemed good. But need to try again on a night with better seeing. Any one else tried a photographer's loupe as an eyepiece?
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