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  1. Absolutely, much more helpful than the stock backgrounds. Do you need a panoramic camera for that?
  2. I have to start thinking about inserting a photo of my own surroundings into Stellarium.
  3. Great Mars photo! Is that a polar cap at 6 o'clock or some sort of glare?
  4. Very nice pics. The previous night, the Moon, Venus, and Spica were forming a lovely triangle. The following night the Moon lagged behind, producing that beautiful line-up.
  5. Ah, there it is! Definitely a brighter patch indicating an ice cap.
  6. PGM

    Takahashi FC-76Q Review

    Yet another fantastic review
  7. Very nice! Can't spot the polar cap though.
  8. Great, one of the best Wirtanen pics I've seen so far.
  9. PGM

    A dream come true

    Wow what a great build! Congratulations!
  10. PGM

    Observing Comet 46P

    3 days in a row with my binos and no luck either. I'm 100% sure I have the right location. Hopefully it will get brighter next week.
  11. PGM


    Like mentioned before, bright objects will be the easiest under light polluted skies. You could use a LP map to find a better spot near you: https://www.lightpollutionmap.info/#zoom=8&lat=6835332&lon=541175&layers=B0TFFFFFFFF You could also try a LP filter, at the cost of losing some detail.
  12. Fantastic. Love these events. Forgot to see that in last night's clear skies, and obviously clouds expected tonight...
  13. PGM

    Neptune, First Capture

    Very nice. If only it could be seen like that visually...
  14. PGM

    Zoom eyepieces

    Never tried a Zoom, but did some research a few months ago about them. There seems to be a trade-off between performance (they tend to have a worse FoV, exit pupil output, and image quality) and convenience (may be very useful for Moon, Planets, and the Sun, because a smooth change in their focal length allows the observer to quickly find the optimal useful magnification in a changing atmosphere, without taking the eye from the EP). 2 models seem to come up the most: - Baader Hyperion Zoom 8-24mm - Tele Vue Zoom 3-6mm I also found a post from someone using 2 Zooms with a binoviewer, but BVs are a different topic - I suggest opening a different thread if you're interested.

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