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  1. For sale: Celestron X-Cel ED Barlow 2x (1.25") A fantastic shorty Barlow in excellent condition. €45 (£42 at the moment) - price includes registered mail within the EU. Payment in Euros very much preferred, by Paypal (friends) or bank transfer. Also cash, of course Thanks!
  2. For sale: Celestron X-Cel ED Barlow 2x (1.25") A fantastic shorty Barlow in excellent condition. €45 (£39 at the moment) - price includes registered mail within the EU. Payment in Euros very much preferred, via Paypal (exc. fees) or bank transfer. And also cash, of course Thanks!
  3. Not at all. Very interested to know what Matt has to say.
  4. You know, I saved this photo just to remind myself what an easy life my Tak has ?
  5. Those are some bad news about the Lunt wedge. I hate chasing adapters so much that I might give up on getting a wedge just because of that.
  6. Thank you all for some very helpful posts. I previously used a Tak Vixen plate that came with the clamshell and a Berlebach clamp to hold it, so I removed it to see if it improved things. No difference, so I now use the clamshell directly screwed on to the mount. I investigated further and although the DC focuser does seem a bit stiff at times, which introduces further vibration, it does not seem to be the only culprit. I tried to tap my finger on several parts of the setup: - Gitzo tripod: it's not fully extended (I observe sitting down) and seems rock solid - no vibration. - Giro mount: knobs completely tightened; the arm that holds the scope shows some minor vibration; much less on the other (unused) side. - Telescope: as I tap along the tube, there's more and more vibration, peaking at the diagonal. Anyway, I'm probably making too much of it, it's just that me and my wife take turns observing, so it would be nice to really find the right focus spot more easily. But it's not the end of the world.
  7. That's interesting, I didn't know that. I might buy a 2.5x Powermate to try it then.
  8. Absolutely! My barlow is also a shorty (Celestron X-Cel ED Barlow 2x) but I had no luck with it. Unfortunately where I live I know nobody pursuing visual astronomy who could help, and I can't keep buying more and more equipment just to try it once and resell it.
  9. I have a Takahashi FC-100DC with the original focuser, plus a Giro Ercole and a Gitzo. The focuser seems to shake a lot whenever I'm trying to really find the perfect focus, starting with a magnification as low as 90x or so. Of course, my hands shake a little, and that surely doesn't help... It starts shaking as soon as I place a finger on the wheel. I'm trying to find out if that's a problem I'd be able to fix with a better focuser. The focuser also seems to have just a little more difficulty handling the weight of my Pentax XWs. It works just as well, but feels the extra weight. In the future I'd like to try a Lunt Herschel Wedge and a binoviewer, so that would be even worse. A Feather Touch focuser is on my list, but very high prices aside, I'd hate to lose that little Tak plate with the scope's serial number and the Tak blue parts. Maybe a Tak MEF-3 then. Anyway, I'd like to know what the real benefits would be with such an upgrade, regarding focusing/shaking.
  10. Hi John, sorry for the delay, I thought I had already answered. Yes, diagonal » barlow » EP. That's right, I'd need more inwards movement. Anyway, I have 7 EPs, so I'm giving up on barlows for as long as I keep the stock DC focuser. I hate the idea of having to screw/unscrew adapters while watching something.
  11. I wonder if any Tak FC-100D owners could help me with yet another focusing problem. Previously I could not bring any eyepiece to focus, but @mikeDnight told me to remove the #81 adaptor and that solved it completely. Now I purchased a barlow (Celestron X-Cel ED Barlow 2x) and I can't achieve focus. I've tried with and without the #81 adaptor. Any suggestions?
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