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  1. Hey everyone So I'm now the proud owner of an HEQ5 and Skywatcher 72ED, once Santa has been I'll also have a couple of dew straps and controller. My question is, what do you guys use to power your equipment? I'm looking for something fairly inexpensive. I don't like the idea of a dew covered extension cabled plugged into my garage, is this what other people do? I have a 13amp plug for my mount and my laptop, and I will have a 12v cable for my dew controller. I've looked into the Celestron PowerTank but that doesn't have anywhere to plug my mount or laptop in. I've also looked at a car jump starter as I've found one with a 13A plug and 12v outputs, again not sure if this is ideal as I know plenty of people don't recommend lead acid batteries. Thanks Nick
  2. Hi Rob Thanks for your response. I’d definitely be interested in your HEQ5, if you could send some pics over that would be great Nick
  3. AstroHunter

    HEQ5 Wanted

    As title. Always miss out on these because I’m either too slow or they’re just out of my budget! Nick
  4. I don't have a remote shutter release at the moment, that's already on the list ? I would like to do longer exposures and these seem relatively cheap to pick up online. My lenses are F4-5.6. I think at 300mm that will be good enough to get me going along with longer exposure times. I will look into what guiding options are within budget. I think once I'm able to get longer exposure then a modded DSLR would be the next step to improve image quality. Thanks both.
  5. Hi all Long time reader, first time poster here. I've had a Star Adventurer since June and have been enjoying getting to grips with it. I've taken some successful 30 exposures of the Pinwheel Galaxy with tracking on (not the best due to exposure time but good to know I did everything right). So I feel like I'm ready to brace the cold nights and start photographing more. My question is, with Christmas coming up, I am wanting to expand my armoury a bit. What equipment would you buy next if you were in my position? I have an unmodded DSLR with a couple of lenses up to 300mm. Would a small refractor be the next best step? Budget is around £250. I should add that while I'm totally new to AP, I have had a telescope for a couple of years so I'm not completely new to the hobby. Interested to know your thoughts. Thanks Nick
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