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  1. My 16" Orion XX16g dob setup here in Texas. That's a 16 x 20 foot piece of outdoor turf that in the summer, i stargaze barefoot. Good times!
  2. Thanks Marco! Your reviews were key to my decision. Texas has been subject to a change in the jetstream over the last year or so, resulting in lots of blog reading at night... cloudy days and nights seemingly for a whole year, but we're finally starting to see some clear skies on a regular basis again.
  3. A sleeping bag suit! Brilliant!! I searched "wearable sleeping bag".. LOL What a great time to be alive
  4. Thank you! Hey, it seemed a good thing to put together with the rain and clouds. Yes, this scope keeps its collimation very well in use, and even in moving the scope short distance in the process as I described above. The Argo Navis doesn't weigh enough to have any practical effect, but the handle was where I was going to put a counterweight had I ended up needing one. An update to my report... Use of the Solar Aperture Mask: I had a sunny day today and with the appearance of the mighty 2750 region (not), I pulled the scope out with my white light filter. The scope did g
  5. I have been using what I consider to be the game changer with cold weather gear in our hobby. There's not a lot of moving around in what we do, and I when I get cold, I'm miserable. As I approached my first winter a few years ago in my re-entry into astronomy, I stumbled across heated clothing. I found a brand called Gerbing that makes heated liner clothing for motorcyclists... and with a suit that's interconnected and plugged in to the motorcycle's 12V "cigarette lighter" port. I put one piece coveralls over it all to keep the heat in and I'm set. So I got a 110V/220V transformer tha
  6. Hello, all. I got the scope, messed with it, and decided to write about it, but it turned into a review of sorts. So I decided to start a new thread... https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/343636-sumerian-alkaid-12-review-and-mods/ It's been really rainy and cold here, so I've had some time to put together a doozy of a post! Bill
  7. Well hello again! It's only been almost a year since I last posted about my acquisition of a Sumerian Optics scope (https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/325179-binos-on-a-sumerian-alkaid-12/), and all my queries about how well binos worked with them. Please pardon the delay... life got in the way to the extreme. Thank you BGazing for the nudge to get back to it. In that thread, the topic was mainly about asking around about anyone’s experience with binoviewers on a Sumerian Alkaid 12", but my posting here ends up being a little more of a review, so I thought a new thread with an appropri
  8. Ok, folks... I pulled the trigger. I'm getting the Sumerian Alkaid 12" f/5 with standard glass!! Woot! Since I'm a yank, I have to get it through Teleskop Service, but I reached out directly to Michael with Sumerian and asked about the chances of getting a focuser with 2.5" of travel to accommodate my binos. He said as long as I was good with Moonlite, he could order those for my scope when he builds it. Sweet! Big credit to him for being so accommodating. Looks like I'll be getting it hopefully sometime in the spring. I'm getting the digital setting circles kit, which he installs w
  9. Hey, if having to refocus is the worst of it, that's not bad. Actually, I like coming into focus when I change magnification, because it's like a surprise on what I'm going to see at a higher magnification. It's like a little added wow factor, like a reveal. On my 16" dob, I found that swapping the focuser out for one with 2.5" of travel allowed me to focus on all three power switch settings. Before the swap, I could focus to two settings, but I would have to pull out or push in for the third one. Now that was a hassle. I asked about getting the focuser swapped with the Alkaid, but it did
  10. Nicoscy, not sure how you ever got out of the binoviewer game, but if you had to drop some coin on something for visual, binos is certainly the ticket. I'm a really big value researcher, and for value, versatility and fit/finish, I highly recommend the Denkmeier Binotron 27s. On mine, I have both the filter switch, which holds two filters of either 1.25" or 48 mm, which you can slide in and out, and the power switch, which allows you to switch three different magnifications. Stu, I have the Denkmeier OCS 45. I don't mind the slight magnification effect of it and with it, the lowest powe
  11. I've got an OCS for my binos, so I wasn't worried about coming to focus. Just curious, why would one choose cutting the scope length vs just using an OCS? Bill
  12. Ok gang, I pulled the trigger. My Sumerian Alkaid 12" f/5 should be in my hot little hands in 3 to 4 months. The culmination of the advisement I got (thanks to y'all, Teleskop Express and Sumerian, and research I did sets me on the following path in the use of the scope with my Denk binos: 1) Counterweight the bottom with a sand- or water-fillable weight to travel empty of course to keep my luggage lighter. 2) Use some greater tension bungees to work with the counterweight. 3) Install the sensor kit for digital setting circles and utilize an Argo Navis to make the
  13. Guten tag! I checked out the Hofheim 12" (thank you Stephan). They utilize a counterweight at the bottom that is to be filled with water and or sand, which is the approach I planned on taking with the Sumerian. Only downside is the number and size of the cases. Two cases, which wasn't really a deal killer, as only the case with the mirrors would need carry on, but neither case has all three L x W x H dimensions less than or equal to carry on specs. One is 9cm x 41cm x 41cm and the other is 17cm x 45cm x 50cm. My only concern is that with carry on specs of 22cm x 35cm x 56cm, my l
  14. Thank you all for your insight! What can I say, I'm hooked on binos. Stereo visual is just that worth it IMO. It's just so easy to get lost in visual observation with it. My goal isn't necessarily traveling lightweight, as much as it is being able to carry on a plane. Just the size the 12" breaks down to, being less than carry-on restrictions, is definitely what piqued my interest. I did get a response from Teleskop Express (the only dealer that I've found that ships to the US) that suggested I have a counterweight as well as bungee array. I'll give Michael at Sumerian a shout,
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