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  1. Thank you Cosmic Geoff for the answer to my question. Go to the category and just enter the numbers, no letters necessary. Just what I needed to know. Thank you.
  2. Yes, thank you again, Ooby, but I know how to read the manual, and I know how to select from the lists, that wasn't the issue.. My question was how do you just input the name of the object as the manual says you can, instead of taking the time to try and find the object by going and scrolling through lengthy lists?
  3. Thank you, John, but I have a different (newer?) "Nexstar+ Hand Control with USB", and there's no "M".
  4. Good point, D. I guess the eyepiece clearance would probably take precedent, as it could happen accidentally, in the dark, whereas parking the tube straight down could be done in better light and more controlled circumstances, and probably a lot less frequently, unless you always point it down after every session. Is there some reason it should be pointed down after every session?
  5. The manual says to slew to the Orion Nebula you can pick it from a list or just enter "M 042" on the hand control, but I can't see any letters on the HC, just numbers. What am I missing?
  6. The instruction manual and all the videos I saw on setting up the telescope ALL showed the OTA already attached to the fork arm mount, and just talked about setting it all on the tripod's three bolts. There were no instructions on attaching the OTA to the fork arm mount. Since my OTA and mount arrived in separate boxes, I had to figure out for myself how the tube slid into the mounting bracket on the arm of the fork mount and secured with the clamp and large quick release knob. So far so good, until I realized the standard diagonal eyepiece would hit the mount if it tried to move through the zenith. So I started reading forums on the subject and after hours of searching and reading, although many others had the same problem, the only solutions discussed were to go buy special "short" diagonals, or just avoid the zenith altogether, which just didn't seem right on such an expensive high precision instrument, but hey, what do I know? After using the scope like this for a while, I finally found the solution in a totally unrelated post. BEFORE ATTACHING THE OPTICAL TUBE ASSEMBLY TO THE FORK ARM MOUNT, USE THE HAND CONTROL TO ROTATE THE UPPER ALTITUDE GEAR WHEEL UNTIL THE TWO "INDEX ARROWS" ARE ALIGNED WITH EACH OTHER. This allows the tube to slide more forward in the mounting bracket so that it clears the base of the mount no problem. Why this is not mentioned in the manual or in any of the videos I don't know. Anyway, hope this helps...

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