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  1. Oh my gosh! So on closer inspection, there was something hiding in one of the adapters! I can now for my eye pieces in and use my scope! Thanks everyone so much I'm over the moon And the Orion Nebula looks awesome tonight!!!
  2. Hi, it's really frustrating that k can't upload any pictures on here. Okay. I've taken out what I think it is you're taliing about. But now my eye pieces don't fit in. However, even holding them in place I can now see through my telescope! So, what am I missing because I can't hold the eye pieces in?!
  3. I have a x2 Barlow lens (1.25") super 10mm and super 25 wide angle long eye relief and I can't get any of them to focus
  4. Okay, I have never bought an adaptor, just using what came with the scope. And the focus lock screw is lose.
  5. Also I'm mid Hertdordshire. Hatfield/Welwyn Garden/Potters Bar
  6. Hi. I'm not sure what an extension tube is. I'm trying to upload aw pictures but says the images are too large :@
  7. Hello, I have a telescope which I've had for a few years now. Previously I've used it, I've seen the moon, Orion Nebula and Jupiter. However, I moved house recently and had to dismantle my scope, transport it to my new house and put to back together. Since then, I cannt get it to focus! I use a Explorer 150P (EQ3 2) 6" Newtonian Reflector Telescope. All I can see, is the cross hairs of the scope. I've tried focusing on the moon and Jupiter but I just see a white circle in the middle with the cross hairs. I've aligned my scope during the day and it's all aligned perfectly with the finder scope. I really don't know what's wrong with it or why I can't get it to focus! Is there such thing as someone who will come out to my home to look at it or is there anywhere I can take it so someone can see what's wrong with it? I'm based in Hertfordshire if that helps. I would really like to use it more and as Orion is in the sky at the moment, I'd love to see the nebula again. Any help is appreciated
  8. Hi Special K! I know, I got it out in the garden the other night and tried to look at the Orion Nebula(which I have managed to look at before) and I just couldn't get it go focus. Don't know what I was doing wrong but I am very out of practice it would seem.
  9. Hello, Anyone fancy a meet up soon in the Herts area? It's been a while since I've had my scope out and feeling a bit rusty. Let me know :-)
  10. Hii!! Might be a bit far for you but I like to go to Essendon for sky watching. Low horizon, good big space. There are some back roads past The Rusty Gun in Hitchin with some good spots to set up around.
  11. Some clear skies would be nice please...

    1. moogoomonkey


      Yes! Looking good so far, I've forgotten what a blue sky looks like now...

  12. Thanks for all your advice.....I have managed to use my set up once so far as the weather hasnt been that great. I will upload the pictures on my profile as I ca'nt worrk out if you can add it to this comment
  13. I was on my way to the Rusty Gun in Hitchin the other day and there are some great feilds around there, no lights, low horizon....seemed perfect
  14. Cloudy tonight :(

    1. Lenny147


      And cold !!!!!

    2. moogoomonkey


      Isn't it always?!

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