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  1. Update and a serendipity. Had a serious moan at the council with regards to street lighting. Reply the same day via e mail indicating they are going to put a "guard" on the light to stop light spill on to the property, its yet to happen but we live in hope. Rear view neighbours are seeking planning permission for an extension, no objections from me as said extension will shield me from street lights to the South East. Might buy a lottery ticket tonight
  2. You'll be lucky, CO says its going to be cloudy.
  3. James, I may be endeavouring to teach my grandmother to suck eggs: However the curve is very reminiscent of a "2nd order damping ratio". The curve as observed is also confirmed in a previous paper (attached). One can only assume, correctly or otherwise it is an artefact of the internal workings of the star in question; inasmuch that once the star erupts a harmonic is generated demonstrable by the light curve during which the system is endeavouring to return to equilibrium. K 3035.pdf
  4. That's a lot better than I have got lately. K
  5. Your obviously not a civil servant K
  6. I tend to have my "Nana-Nap" in the afternoons....just in case.
  7. Just checked CO and the small green strip that was going to provide salvation this evening has gone all orange and red. Showing green tomorrow but Tuesday is a school night
  8. As long as you don't feed them after midnight your fine.
  9. I will field this section as I am not familiar with rest of your set up ( but I have no doubt others will be along soon). I have found that the scales on the sides of commercially produced mounts only provide an approximation to actual angles required. I tend to use a digital protractor to set the polaris angle if I am out in the whoop whoop, so to speak. If I am at home I use a app on my phone ( Polar Aligner Pro) which does a fairly good job and once it picks up your Lat & Long has various "synthetic" levels to include polaris altitude. K
  10. I was under the impression that the working language of this forum was English...……..Pixies? I think the above definitely Elvish
  11. Clagged out here at the moment, due a few hours clear tomorrow, but who knows with "fantasy forecast".
  12. One has to be very careful with any type of insurance, a couple of years ago Mrs KevS and I were planning a cycling trip in France. I chose to use the Post Office for insurance as we had done on several previous overseas trips. On examining the small print, luckily before I pulled the trigger, it dutifully informed me cycling was not covered, although "shark cage diving" was not a problem neither was "trekking to 4000m". Call me a pedant but I always go through the terms and conditions with a fine tooth comb. Shysters all.
  13. Most memorable similar sighting was in Suffolk quite a few years ago, saw what I consider to be space junk skipping off the atmosphere at evening twilight. The sighting consisted of a serious of parallel scintillations each one extinguishing in turn; on an initial basis I considered that the debris was changing direction but pondering what I saw brought rationality to bear. The "artefact" was moving in a predominantly South to North direction so I assumed, correctly or not it was a low orbit military satellite breaking up on re-entry.
  14. Just had a post deleted as I quoted unusual fishfinger objection from a previous post, big bro is indeed watching sssssssssssshhhhhhhh.
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