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  1. This may seem rash (sic) but are they not producing bacon on the moon? Just seen an add for moonpig.com on the plug in drug.
  2. KevS

    Show us your set up in action at night.

    Sorry chaps senior mo on the last post now edited. K
  3. KevS

    Show us your set up in action at night.

    The Wolf and I howl at the Moon, any comments along the lines of you cannot be Sirius will be reported to the moderators. Sorry chaps senior moment
  4. KevS

    Camera Recommendation

    Geof, Many thanks for your detailed and evidently knowledgeable and considered response. It has given me a lot of information to base my research and final decision upon. I am now in a position where I can generate the inevitable and ubiquitous pros and cons list. Thanks again and best wishes K
  5. KevS

    Apologies to you all.

    I love your optimism...…….I am thinking of joining the "Cloud Appreciation Society"
  6. KevS

    Camera Recommendation

    Charic many thanks for the reply, my old gear is somewhat cream crackered if you read my reply to Geof above. At the moment I am just looking for information on which way to go. After all this is a fantastic forum with some very knowledgeable people who have no doubt been in the same position I find myself at the moment. Cheers K
  7. KevS

    Camera Recommendation

    Geof many thanks for the prompt reply. I have used the old canon for some years and I have had a certain amount of success with it, but I now feel it is time to move on. All came to a head the other evening trying to get an old Meade DSI to guide via PHD and at the same time endeavouring to tap the now somewhat dodgy screen on the 450. Decided that it was time to bite the bullet and get in the modern world, I have recently retired so now have more time to get out there, so to speak. The mount at the moment is a newly acquired NEQ6 Pro R and I have an old Televue Oracle triplet 76mm apo that I intend to use as an imaging scope. My main interests have always been on the observational side of the hobby and I also have a very good 127mm Meade frac that I retrofitted a moonlight focuser to many years ago, although its an acro it is very well corrected (one of the few that were apparently) so my main consideration is a camera capable of DSO imaging that won't break the bank. So I am looking around and trying to determine costs/ recommendations by way of an advanced entry level set up that I won't get bored with or outgrow to quickly. If I find myself getting into AP in a serious manner I would probably upgrade over time and seek command approval (LOL) for a permanent set up. Cheers K
  8. Advice needed, I am "in the market" so to speak for a dedicated deep sky camera to replace my somewhat old exceedingly well travelled and battered Canon 450d. The main stipulation is that I don't want to sell a kidney or remortgage the house to pay for it. I appreciate that the better the kit the better the image. (with sufficient skill of course). But at what price these days is it considered that the lines on the graph of the law of diminishing returns regarding camera cost cross. I have to add that I am an imaging "dabbler" rather than an all in enthusiast.
  9. KevS

    Cloudy Skies every night

    Managed to get out last night for a few hours before the cloud set in again, think this is the second evening in 6 weeks. However I spent most of the time wrestling and swearing at the guide camera! What a strange hobby we have. Total frustration followed by...…. Oh that's nice.
  10. Might go the whole hog whilst I am at it and replace my ageing canon camera for a dedicated astro job. That is if I can find one that doesn't entail me selling a kidney to pay for it. Thanks again K
  11. KevS

    Huge Meteor

    Missed that one although I was out last night, they are always a joy to see. I think at the time I may have been having a stern conversation with a guide camera. LOL
  12. Davey, thanks for the reply. I endeavoured to use the XP laptop with the DSI this evening, still no joy. Slewed to Capella to focus up, no matter what I do star image is the size of a grape, was quite sharp the other evening with the same settings, hard wear and focus point, camera still keeps crashing the system. Also noticed that the casing is hot enough to cook a late evening supper on. I have come to the conclusion that it is a camera in what appears to be its death throws. However, I have had it kicking about for 12 years or more, I remember when it used to take quite reasonable (for the time) photos. This is however the least of my problems, I now have to convince Mrs KevS that a new guide camera would be a really good idea. K
  13. Hello, I have a problem. I am running a Meade DSI (original colour) as a guide camera via a windows 10 laptop and PHD. I have down loaded the latest version of envisage and have managed to get the drivers within envisage to run the camera. Works like a dream for half an hour or so but then throws a wobbly, shuts laptop down informing me that there is a "critical error" or words to that effect and windows needs to restart said laptop; which it does. I tested the camera when I first acquired it in the house on the same laptop and it works for hours with no problems whatsoever. My set up is on the patio so I run an extension lead from the house to the laptop so I consider power considerations are not a problem I have also checked out the USB connections at the camera and the laptop and they are OK. It was especially annoying yesterday as it was the first clear night here for weeks. I have an old XP laptop that I intend to resurrect sometime today to see if I can replicate the problems I will of course report back if doing so solves it. Has anyone out there got any ideas?
  14. KevS

    Heads up " Sky at Night " Sunday

    I think I have got CDO, its like OCD but far worse; it could however be the Bushmils
  15. The only way, on a realistic basis to establish what threads are what is to utilise a "thread form gauge" held against the thread and then up to the light to establish the included angle of the thread (external). Internal thread forms are determined by using a precision ground thread "plug gauge". Both of which are beyond the scope of the average person namely due their cost and the fact that in a "domestic" situation they would be used once in a blue moon. I am sure (no liability accepted) that for our particular lightweight requirements a 1/4 UNC and 1/4 Whitworth thread are effectively interchangeable; however, in an engineering perspective it is always best practice to establish what is what before use. Or it might be me just being pedantic. K

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