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  1. So I figured I would push my cheap optic setup. On a humid rainy day. And after I cracked my primary mirror on my reflector. This is what I managed to get. Snapseed edit on bottom photo
  2. hey guys! just picked up a galaxy s10 from the store today... figured I would take some pics of the orion nebula to start off... SO MUCH BETTER THAN MY IPHONE PICTURES...
  3. So I noticed that for once in the last 2 months that I have been able to get clear skies... but I tried messing with EV levels tonight and it turned out weird xD don't really like it... but got a cool moon pic out of it.. waking up early tomorrow to see if I can get some good Jupiter and Venus pics.
  4. I was so happy that they were finally clearing up by the time the eclipse actually started.
  5. I was noticing as the eclipse was happening my phone was having a mode difficult time focusing
  6. Lets just say I cant view Andromeda at all.
  7. idk the app I use uses that as a unit of measure xD! lol Sky Brightness mags / sq arcsec V Band www.cleardarksky.com/lp/LAXCAlp.html But yeah
  8. I mean... the light pollution this close to LA is not pleasant...
  9. Understandable.. I wont complain about the weather lol But was outside for about 2 hours to get the pictures lol Glad you didn't freeze though!
  10. yeah... All I got is a small phone program... but.. I took about 200+ Pictures so going through all and choosing the best ones to process and then processing is going to be a pain in the butt lol xD
  11. I don't want to post the pictures twice! but this is what I captured of the lunar eclipse with my iPhone and a dobsonian 8 inch
  12. hey all! I am sorry for all the clouds... but did my best to capture this moment (I am going to be editing the photos as the night goes on to make them more sharp and more clear) (Will add to the topic as I fix them)
  13. Quick Moon session for the night xD









  14. What I find that works for me is for Orion is a Exposure of 1/90 and ISO of 80 (Works for my iPhone) I would say get a app with sliders I use Camera +2 and you can sit there and play with what gives you the best image
  15. So.. It being early morning I had a lot of trouble compensating for the amount of light that my iPhone camera would receive during this time xD So a lot of fiddling with the exposure lights and shutter times I managed to get some really interesting pictures These photos were taken between 0530 and 0610 I don't know if the blue color of Venus is caused by the planet itself or the atmosphere.... But the blue is so beautiful in the first picture!
  16. I bet you will get better luck than I do in NorCal... Unless you are deep in the city.. But still might be better then the LA area.. lol xD
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