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  1. Quick Moon session for the night xD









  2. I tried a bit of editing software... xD
  3. Lonestar2123

    Moon on January 12, 2019

    very nice!
  4. Lonestar2123

    First time at Cannock Chase!!

    Beautiful pictures!
  5. What I find that works for me is for Orion is a Exposure of 1/90 and ISO of 80 (Works for my iPhone) I would say get a app with sliders I use Camera +2 and you can sit there and play with what gives you the best image
  6. So.. It being early morning I had a lot of trouble compensating for the amount of light that my iPhone camera would receive during this time xD So a lot of fiddling with the exposure lights and shutter times I managed to get some really interesting pictures These photos were taken between 0530 and 0610 I don't know if the blue color of Venus is caused by the planet itself or the atmosphere.... But the blue is so beautiful in the first picture!
  7. Lonestar2123

    Orion 12/21/18 2000 - 2040 Los Angeles

    I bet you will get better luck than I do in NorCal... Unless you are deep in the city.. But still might be better then the LA area.. lol xD
  8. Lonestar2123

    M42 while waiting

    Very Nice!
  9. Lonestar2123

    Saturn 11/18/18

    I tried... but I was having issues trying to figure out how the program works xD I am going to play more with it when the sky clears up over here and I can start looking at Jupiter early in the mornings..
  10. Lonestar2123

    Saturn 11/18/18

    wow! that looks great... I am still trying to learn how to change the image and make it more clear and things like that... but yeah the phone cameras are amazing... Im planning a trip to take my light bucket out to death valley when Jupiter starts coming out later and later and cant wait to get a ncie pic of that
  11. Lonestar2123


    Mine turned out horrible xD! hahaha
  12. a Pic from my iPhone from the Griffith Observatory during the sunset on the solstice
  13. Lonestar2123

    Quick session - 8th Dec 2019

    I have a quick question... My Orion only comes in white... Am I missing a specific filter that will help to see the red color? or is light pollution in my area to high to see more colors besides white.
  14. A few images I was able to take with my iPhone through Dobsonian… Quick question though? Is it light pollution why my Orion looks white? I always see pictures with a red or a pink tint to it... But mines always white.. is it due to the light pollution? or am I suppose to view this object through a red filter?
  15. Lonestar2123


    im going to try this tonight with the full moon. Lets see how it comes out... Ill post a new topic xD

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