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  1. So I figured I would push my cheap optic setup. On a humid rainy day. And after I cracked my primary mirror on my reflector. This is what I managed to get. Snapseed edit on bottom photo
  2. hey guys! just picked up a galaxy s10 from the store today... figured I would take some pics of the orion nebula to start off... SO MUCH BETTER THAN MY IPHONE PICTURES...
  3. So I noticed that for once in the last 2 months that I have been able to get clear skies... but I tried messing with EV levels tonight and it turned out weird xD don't really like it... but got a cool moon pic out of it.. waking up early tomorrow to see if I can get some good Jupiter and Venus pics.
  4. I was so happy that they were finally clearing up by the time the eclipse actually started.
  5. I was noticing as the eclipse was happening my phone was having a mode difficult time focusing
  6. Lets just say I cant view Andromeda at all.
  7. idk the app I use uses that as a unit of measure xD! lol Sky Brightness mags / sq arcsec V Band www.cleardarksky.com/lp/LAXCAlp.html But yeah
  8. I mean... the light pollution this close to LA is not pleasant...
  9. Understandable.. I wont complain about the weather lol But was outside for about 2 hours to get the pictures lol Glad you didn't freeze though!
  10. yeah... All I got is a small phone program... but.. I took about 200+ Pictures so going through all and choosing the best ones to process and then processing is going to be a pain in the butt lol xD
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