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  1. Shot this last night,not great but it was a beautiful night,Lotta moon but OK,I use a 400d canon camera and a 102mm refractor,1600 iso,thanks.cut it so it would fit.
  2. This is where I shoot most nights,here is wide field shot of Orion.this is where I am trying to get best shot of horsehead,light is sky resort,so sad lol
  3. I don't know,bought it on line at used camera shop,how could I tell if was?
  4. Nexstar 102 slt,400d canon camera,about 100x40 sec. Exposure.going to get more data when skies clear this week.clear skies Bob
  5. That is really beautiful,what else could be said.
  6. Took the advise of someone on here to try 800 iso instead of 1600,now I see what you were talking about,not a great shot,not enough time,clouded up.just thought I would put it up anyway,thanks for the advice.
  7. Wow,kinda beautiful,well done.Maybe a little jealous.lol clear skies.
  8. Thank you all for the kind words,I will gather more data tonight,clear and cold,I live 3000 ft elev so forcasted weather not always true,these old mountains have a mind of there own,going to get better mount this winter,hope it improves my aim.clear skies.
  9. Have not been on for awhile,still reading all the post I can,Tried this shot,lot of noise,not great but never give up right. 40 sec x 80 F,6.5 4 in refractor
  10. Thank you all for the kind words,It is a lot to take in but most enjoyable,hope you all have a good night seeing the wonder of his work. Bob
  11. thanks,trying to the hang of this,will take a long time,some of the images on here should be in magazines,truly amazing.thanks again.
  12. New here.so Hi.this is my first attempt at this ,the picture was not to bad getting,processing is another monster all together,used gimp ,so much to learn,I have seen some of your pictures.i have a 400d canon ,took 25 exposures have a 102mm slt .anyway no laughing ,its not nice.
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