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  1. astro wars. showing my age now...
  2. hi all, my attempt at a lunar mosaic. 20 panels, each the best 120 of 300 frame avi's. iso100, 1-750 expo. shot with EOS, processed in registax6. mosaic built in ICE, final touches in PS.
  3. i sometimes get the same when processing mosaic's. give the individual images a slight crop to remove the edge, then build the mosaic. that will remove the lines.
  4. with the UK weather the worst in years its been hard to get out but last night i couldn't resist. the seeing wasn't great and towards the end the mist started to roll in hence ths frosty look to the image. managed to get 20x300s lights iso800 8 darks and flats hope to get more data soon.
  5. thanks to all for your comments, forgot to say, the avi settings were 1/750 expo and iso 200.
  6. couldn't resist getting out last night dispite the humidity. this is my effort of a 20 panel mosaic of the moon, 20x 200 frame avi's (60 stacked in each panel) shot in EOS, stacked in registax, mosaic stitched in Microsft ICE and tweaked in PS
  7. with clear skies this morning, i had an attempt at some solar imaging. only my second attempt (first not good) i wasn't sure what to expect, and i'm sure processing could be better. anyway.... 2 pic mosaic using ICE shot on 1100d with backyard EOS 400 frame avi of which 300 were stacked in registax 6 processed and coloured in PS4 all comments and tips welcome
  8. had a go at reprocessing this, not pushing as far in photoshop better or worse???
  9. hi all, with the short window that is summer nights, i managed to squeeze in a few subs of the dumbell neb. not the best of processing, but looks ok me thinks...... 30 subs@ 180s iso800 15 darks 15 flats all comments welcome..
  10. truly stunning Paul, it just proves with this hobby, patients is its own reward. well done mate.
  11. hi Callum, i had to wait till about 2 am to shoot it, as i said trees and houses in the way i used this little map to find it but have to say its getting very faint now, but good luck
  12. it does... i think that may be because of the 5 min subs and guiding. the comet is moving at a greater rate than the stars around.....but don't quote me..
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