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  1. Lurcher

    Mare Crisium

    Hahhha!! Why change Mike!!?? That's fantastic and much better than what I manage to scribble! In fact - I was out myself last night and after a very frustrating time with my scope I did a sketch of the Cleomedes, Burckardt and Geminus craters - and do you know what?? - I ain't gonna to post it! Your sketch reminds me of something you'd see in a text book. I will have to go back again and try the three craters I mentioned again. There was a lot of detail in and around the craters to get stuck into, and last night they were right on the edge of the terminator so that the darkness crept in between them making the rims of the craters stand proud of the terminator. Looked really good. Thanks for posting Mike. That's a great effect you've got going on there.
  2. @Mike JW Ahaa! Thanks for that Mike. I noticed you had a 15" Obsession, which is or was rather fantastic I should think, but didn't pick up that you had a 500mm Dobsonian! - And then you're friends with someone who can go one more than that!! Blimey. I was kind of hoping you might say that by the time you've gotten so big any more aperture doesn't really make too much difference, not that the 600mm can blow the 500mm away! . . . Blimey. Where's that lottery ticket. . . . .
  3. @Mike JW Hi Mike, Wow that's an impressive set of information and records. I like the look of the Capella and STF 669 field of view. I shall have to check that out myself and see if I can see that grouping too. Thanks for uploading your list of doubles in Andromeda. I like the fact that you're not afraid to say in your report when two doubles aren't exactly much to look at, which is just as important as highlighting the really good ones. I look forward to seeing more Mike. Very impressive the way you've done all of the above. I've noticed other people post these sort of reports under "Observation reports" so we'll have to do that too I suppose. I know @cotterless45 often posts excellent double star and star reports with sketches. (I'm going back now to have a better look at your Andromeda list and see if I can save it to my computer - with thanks).
  4. Hi Mark, Thanks so much for your comments. Yes I have to say my star sketches are going to be really rough-and-ready like my lunar sketches. I've been amazed by others on here where they show the defraction and glow of the star. My aim is just to have a visual record, and as you say, a written description of the stars. I've attached some earlier sketches which I did of some easy doubles. I've now bought a book called "Double Stars for Small Telescopes" by "Sissy Haas" published by "Sky & Telescope". It doesn't have any SAO numbers which I rely on but it does have a short description next to each entry which I find useful, and I then cross reference with the Cambridge Double Star Atlas to get the SAO numbers where I can. I've also printed off some A4 Double Star sheets so I can now add more text next time. . . . Just waiting for some clear skies now!! If you get there before I do please let me know!
  5. This is a great thread to read through. I would love either the 450mm or of course, why not, the 500mm version! I remember reading a report on this scope in The Sky At Night Magazine and they said something along the lines of "this would be a great scope if you were a club that wanted to invest in one", which made me think I was being ridiculous for thinking it was the next scope for me one day, so it's great to read that individuals like yourself and "OldFruit" have got one and they're not just for clubs to own. Got to love large dobs. I look forward to hearing more. Oh I was going to ask, can you have a look and see if you can make out the central star in the ring nebula the next time you're out with your scope please? (Just been wondering that on the thread about a 350mm flextube). I've never been able to see it. Cheers!
  6. Hi Paul, a great report. I bought a 2nd hand 8" SkyWatcher Flextube GoTo a few years and liked that so much I sold that for the 12" version I now own. So I was reading your views with interest. I'm pleased to hear in a way that you couldn't make out the central star in the ring nebula as I've never been able to make that out either. I'll have to ask "Ships and Stars" in a moment if he can see it through his 500mm Stargate. I remember wondering whether I'd gone a but mad when I saw my scope standing in my Office in the cold light of day, but as Barkis says, there pleasingly, seems to be quite a few people now getting scopes even larger than 12". I look forward to hearing more. Cheers!
  7. Hi Mike, Thanks for your message. Good to hear from you too. It was nice to catch the 10 day old moon. Not a phase I ever seem to catch. - I've been wanting to have a go at sketching the Bullialdus Crater ever since seeing a fantastic drawing of it by Erika Rix. I noticed that night there was another interesting crater which caught my eye along the terminator but I decided the Copernicus crater looked a better target. It wasn't until I was looking up the details of the area I'd drawn that I saw the other crater which had caught my eye was the Bullialdus Crater I'd been waiting for. It looked tiny and I couldn't see any of the detail Erika shows in her drawing, so she must have used a heck of a lot of magnification. Having now seen it for myself I now know what I'm looking for next time. Thanks for Mike and all the best, Martin.
  8. Hi everyone. Well the weather's been pretty yuk just lately hasn't it?? I managed to get out in my back garden on Tuesday a little later than hoped, I struggled for a while not finding anything I was looking for, but then re-did my two star alignment and finally started to find things. I checked out a few a few double stars in Andromeda, Pegasus and Cassiopeia, and ended the night with a quick sketch of the moon again. It's nothing great, but I thought it would give me the opportunity to say hello again to everyone. (Haven't posted anything for a while). I'm hoping to get some little sketches of some of the double stars on the next clear night, I'm finding double stars really quite enjoyable to find and view at the moment. Cheers for now . . .
  9. I'm not sure this sketch is particularly worthy of entry, but it was such a great idea for a competition I just wanted to be able to contribute in some way. (Hoping to get out tonight and have another go). Anyway here's my first attempt at the Apollo 11 landing site. Hoping I have actually located the correct spot! Thanks.
  10. Well done. Great sketches. I wasn't aware of Harold Hill, (please excuse the ignorance!), so will have to look out for some of his work. I don;t know if I've mentioned on here before, but have you seen Erika Rix also? There's one sketch online somewhere she's done of the Bullialdus Crater which I think is brilliant too.
  11. Great posts guys. I do love sketching stars too, (double stars in particular). But I've been a little disappointed that they don't match up to the brilliance I see for myself at the telescope, so I might have to give that toothpick idea a try too. (As well as that GIMP programme? I've been using the basic "Paint" programme, so that would be interesting to try an alternative). Thanks all.
  12. What a great spot and report. Great sketch of Barnard's E too. Thanks for posting.
  13. Lurcher


    This is a great sketch. I like the way you've drawn the diffraction rings just as you would have seen them. (Very cleverly done). Once again someone's come along and kicked my efforts into the long grass!
  14. Now sold. Thank you very much Tony, and everyone at Stargazers Lounge.
  15. Hi Tony, Thank you very much. I'll send you a personal message. Thanks. Martin.
  16. Hi Tony, The 2" clamp has a compression ring. Then there's a 1.25" slotted plastic sleeve within this which grips 1.25" eyepieces. Or you can use the 1/25" adaptor which has screws. Hope that's ok. Thanks, Martin.
  17. Hi, Sky-Watcher Dual Speed Low Profile Focuser for sale in original box. It comes with a 1.25" extension to give a little more focusing length for 1.25" eyepieces. (It might also be necessary to use a 2" extension for 2" eyepieces to gain adequate focusing). £75.00 including postage. (First class recorded). Postage to mainland UK only please. The low speed focus control is beautifully smooth in use. Any questions please ask. Thanks for looking.
  18. I quite like checking these pages which feature a constellation for each month. https://hubblesite.org/resource-gallery/learning-resources/tonights-sky
  19. This has been so great to read. That sounds like something I have said and certainly thought many times myself! I saw an old photo (from the mid-eighties judging by the photo), of two club members who had bought a 12.5" scope jointly between them. Looked like a brilliant thing to have done. Thanks for the infectious enjoyment. And for posting. I hope you get to try out your new eyepiece soon.
  20. Lurcher

    Crater Cichus

    Excellent work Mike and great descriptions. (I keep getting clouded out where I am. Lovely clear skies during the day and then the clouds roll in for the nights and evenings!). Well done for getting out and making the most of some clear skies! Thanks for posting.
  21. I've been looking and thinking about one of those for a while. I've just bought an actual Will Tirion skyatlas 2000 as I really wanted one of those, but thanks I will now see if I can hunt down a reasonably priced double star atlas. (From memory there weren't many out there so they tend to hold their price, but it would be good to have one). Thanks.
  22. I'm beginning to really appreciate double stars, but it;s something quite new to me. Can I ask, what do you mean by "matched"?? Is that you determined they were of the same magnitude? Thanks. (I've got so many objects I want to look at, but I'll have to add your double to it now, and see how I get on!). Thanks for posting.
  23. Lurcher

    Crater Rheita

    Brilliant one Mike. And interesting write up too. (Sorry I should have read this one first before replying to your other post. I see you've come up with your own solution of using a pen for the black). It's all personal trial and error isn't it!
  24. Lurcher

    Theophilus area

    Beautifully drawn Mike. Nice contrast. (Looks like you're getting a pretty good black/darkness to me. The softest pencil I use is a B9 or you could go over the area needing extra darkness with a black charcoal pencil afterwards? It's looking good though! Nice area.
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