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  1. Absolutely! I still get a buzz from seeing it find a new object for me which I've never seen before. That moment when you look through the eyepiece not wanting to get your hopes up, but then you see a fuzzy blur or a mass of stars and you know it's found what you were wanting.
  2. That's interesting to hear thank you. I don't have any large eyepieces at the moment apart from a 2" Moonfish eyepiece which I only add once I've found the target, and I don't use any light shroud or shield - but I was noticing that I only had to apply the slightest of pressure to the base with my hand while it was turning at low speed to stop it moving. So I realized that's why it worked ok indoors when I tested it but why it then had difficulties once outside with the weight of the scope sitting on it. I'm glad to hear it's not just me that has the occasional problem with the base though. I was thinking it must be just mine that was sensitive like that. I've managed to get it pretty tight now I think, so I am hoping it will work on it's next outing. But thanks, I have been thinking I've possibly bought a bit of a dud or maybe a worn out one. Thanks. I will let you know how I get on!
  3. Hi Mike, Blimey your drawing is so much neater than mine! I think I'm learning I need to spend more time doing the one drawing rather than rushing it and moving on to something else. It pays off. Thanks. (I see you've only made a couple of posts, so welcome to the forum if I'm not too late to say that).
  4. Fantastic stuff. I especially like the first one of the Copernicus crater.
  5. I love the black and white photo. That really jumps out at you.
  6. That's a really nice shot! I'd be really chuffed with that! The SkyWatcher Heritage really is a great little scope. Good post.
  7. Thank you. Yes I had no idea it was such a well known feature when I first saw it. Quite nice to find objects like that by chance isn't it? Although having said that I have now printed off the Lunar 100 list as mentioned in Doc's list of objects and equipment, which I'm looking forward to getting through. It would be easy to say I've now done number 17 on the list, but I'll wait to see if I can actually find it again. (I hope you're getting on with your S/W Dob ok. I've just taken the motor out of the base again this evening and adjusted the tension bolt once again, in the hope I can finally stop it slipping. Fingers crossed for the next clear sky. . . .).
  8. Well as anyone who knows me will know, I'm no imager, but I think that's amazing. To get a photo of something that far away. I also hadn't heard of IC1101 so thanks. Great work. Well done.
  9. Oh wow thanks Stu. (That's a flipping good photo as well). Thanks for posting it. It is nice to compare it. My one annoyance is the crater Aristarchus was much brighter than it came out on my sketch; as it shows in your photo. I wish I had taken an eraser with me to take off some of the pencil. I must remember that for next time. I'm pleased I happened upon an area other people know well. Thanks.
  10. It's really satisfying and rewarding, whatever the results look like. (Note to self - remember to pack a pencil eraser next time!). I hadn't heard of the lunar 100 until I read your post. Sounds like a really good list to do. At the moment I'm just hitting on features that look interesting when I see them. I quite like the idea now of actually seeking out pre-determined features to sketch. Thank you.
  11. It was looking really doubtful that we would get any clear skies last night, we had a massive rain cloud come over us about an hour before heading out, but I was hopeful once that had passed the sky would clear, and thankfully it wasn't too bad. The moon was of course so bright it was washing most other objects out, and the usually quiet farm track where I like to go was busy with large tipper trucks working so not the best of nights. Still, I was thinking I might get some photos of the moon, only to then discover I'd left the memory card out of the camera. So!! I was then left with the option of doing another sketch. Thankfully I seemed to hit on what I now know is a fairly well known feature called Schroter's Valley. - The Valley has been photographed by some of the Apollo missions. (P.S. I'm still having trouble with the motor on the base of my SkyWatcher Dobsonian slipping and not engaging properly and therefore not tracking correctly at low speeds. If anyone knows how to cure this I'd be very grateful. I'll keep taking the damned thing apart and trying different tensions in the meantime).
  12. Blimey that is a hardcore and sturdy scope! Oooh. Aperture greed kicking in again!! I suppose I better learn how to use mine a little better first!! but thank you for your reply and feedback on the Stargate. It's nice to hear it's proving to be a well made scope. One day maybe. . . . .
  13. Absolutely agree. I was so tempted to get out last night just to look at the moon, but I had to get up at 4.30am this morning so decided against it. (But I'm hoping to get out tonight if it doesn't cloud over, and my friend and I have agreed in advance we'll just enjoy the moon rather than seeing it as a shame for washing out the faint fuzzies). I bought a 12" Dob as I had a love for deep sky objects, but just lately, I've been finding more disappointments than wow moments, (due to light pollution and poor seeing I suppose), so I'm now starting to enjoy more and more finding features on the moon to sketch or photograph. (Stargate 450P - Nice scope. How have you found it? They look good. I'm hoping they'll start making they're way onto the 2nd hand market in a few years time!).
  14. Thanks Paz. - And I'm so glad it's not just me. I thought the areas I'd chosen would be quite easy to identify, but it took me quite a while to find them.
  15. Lurcher

    Moon 13 Feb 2019

    Absolutely. Excellent images Ruud. I like the font on the latest one which matches with the flow of the paintbrush effect well, but the first of the new set really jumps out of the dark background at you.
  16. I don't know if this is the same, or of any help, but this is the page I always go to look at. https://www.lightpollutionmap.info/#zoom=9&lat=6692409&lon=120319&layers=B0FFTFFFFFF I find it easy to use due to the different base layers you can use.
  17. I found them! Sorry, this is going to be far more important to me than anyone else, but I was so pleased to be able to match my sketches up to a moon and photos. Here's my annotated version of my sketches now sowing the crater names.
  18. Thanks Mark. What you're doing there though is finding the great holes in my knowledge of what I'm looking at! - I think it was a six day old moon on Wednesday? I recorded the date and time, (cropped out of the images), but I thought it would be fairly simple to identify what I was looking at afterwards, but I'm struggling! I'll try to identify them confidently over the weekend, but I spent 30 minutes trying yesterday without that final certainty. But you're right I am definitely lacking on the information front.
  19. I love your scopes. I've watched a video on Youtube so many times showing the construction of a 20" Dobsonian. I love the detail of the split blocks in particular. I was about to ask if you'd seen it as it was so similar to yours, and then realized it was yours! So glad I didn't just ask a really stupid question again. I would love one of them (ideally with a GoTo as I'm a bit useless without that). Really nice designs.
  20. Hi All, Finally got out and did a bit of sketching again. (Also just been catching up on other brilliant sketches on here this morning). I did a couple of my usual rough-and-ready sketches which I then tinted on the computer. (I quite liked the result of the tint! I might do that again, or use a coloured pencil next time). I'm not sure of any crater names I'm afraid. I'm going to have a look at a moon map later and see if I can identify them). I know there were near the terminator on Wednesday evening the 13th March. Cheers all. Martin.
  21. Lurcher


    Well done Davhei. Great sketch. I always have trouble seeing M51 with any size due to the light pollution in my area I suppose. (I have a to use a long exposure photo to see it. It's always difficult I think drawing these very faint galaxies. You've done a nice job.
  22. It's really not easy to sketch these very faint and distant galaxies. Well done.
  23. Hi Achem, Nice sketch. The use of the grey paper as a middle background, darkened with black charcoal and lightened with white gives a really good result. Good to see Achem.
  24. Like "Pig", I also thought I must be looking at a photo. Best one yet. (Although that's a tough one to call actually).
  25. Thanks Alan, I owned the 8" version before this one. I loved it, and still think maybe I should have kept that scope, but aperture greed took hold and I saw someone selling the 12" version on E-bay 2nd hand for a good price and couldn't resist going for it. But you're right the tracking and alignment of my 8" scope was always brilliant. Always got a delight from watching it slew to an object and then seeing it in the centre of the eye piece on nearly all occasions. It was my first GoTo scope. The 12" hasn't been behaving quite so well so I took the base to pieces again and increased the tension on the worm screw gear. I took it out last night, (briefly before the mist and fog rolled in and ruined everything!), and it was working much better. I think before there was so little tension, the worm gear was backing off and just turning when at low speed, rather than turning the scope. Now I know what to do I might even go back and add a little more pressure but I'll see how it goes. It was a surreal evening actually. I was down what is normally a deserted farm track, but last night there was an organized marathon run going past me! Every couple of minutes another few runners with head torches would run past me and I would cheer them on and they would say thanks or even ask about the scope! One couple even said they would be back to have a look on the next loop, but due to the fog I didn't stay long. The things you see in the night in the middle of nowhere! The highlight for me that night was the Orion Nebula which looked better and clearer than I'd ever seen it. Can't wait to get out again!
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