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  1. I only used a cloth for the final polish, once all the dirt was off. I used plain Kleenex tissues for applying the fluid. The Baader fluid feels a little sticky when wet so initially I dab the surface rather than wipe in order to pick any dirt straight off the lens. I then use a fresh Kleenex with some more fluid to clean it normally. I use the blower between each stage.
  2. I bought a bottle of Zeiss Lens Cleaning Spray (sold and fulfilled by Amazon so shouldn’t be fake), which states it’s suitable for all optical surfaces, including cameras. However, I have found that it leaves a streaky residue on the binoculars and eyepieces I’ve used it on. In some cases I then had to use another product to remove the streaks. Not sure if it’s due to coated lenses. Works great on spectacles, phone screens etc, without any residue. Maybe the wipes are a different formula. I’ve just bought some Baader Optical fluid and while that leaves some very faint residue marks, these
  3. So, possibly not where the X was on the map, but the feature next to it. Fortunately I did spend quite some time looking at that area too
  4. @Stu your second image shows what I thought was Barkers Quadrangle with a prominent line leading from it. I think that matches the kite shape that @mikeDnight mentions also. Tim
  5. Thanks @paulastro. I’ve enjoyed looking for the unusual features you have highlighted over the last couple of nights. It’s got me out observing on at least one night I wouldn’t have otherwise tried, and I’ve seen some new features that I probably wouldn’t have ever known about otherwise. Also thanks to everyone else who has chipped in with maps, diagrams, and other noteworthy features nearby. Tim
  6. Just posting a short review of my recent experience dealing with Altair Astro. Ian at Altair Astro was very prompt and helpful in responding to my initial questions. Some of the responses being sent late in the evening. He was also very quick to resolve an issue resulting from some damage caused in transit. I would definitely deal with them again. Tim
  7. 7 months on from the OP and I’m wondering if there have been any signs of reduced quality in recent batches of equipment? From what I’ve observed on this forum, it seems as though the manufacturers have managed to maintain quality controls, despite the high demand, as I haven’t noticed an increase in issues being reported, but would be interested in what other people think.
  8. By finder screw, I was meaning the screw that you used to mount the bracket. I was assuming that you used one of the mounting points and screws that are typically used hold a finder bracket, or mounting plate in place.
  9. Glad you managed to get it cleaned back up, but where did the filed aluminium come from and how did it actually get inside the tube? If you didn’t need to drill any new holes then I assume it got in through the finder screw hole somehow. Were there filings in the bracket hole that got pushed inside when putting the screw back in?
  10. I think it’s also called the golden handle.
  11. Glad you have managed first light and are enjoying your scope.
  12. I found these instructions useful when collimating mine http://www.starrynights.us/Articles/Collimation.htm http://www.astrophoto.fr/collim.html
  13. Not sure this is the thread I was thinking of, but it does sound like a similar issue and there are some photos of the holder and adjustment mechanism, as well as how it can buckle. https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/465107-c8-collimation-at-limits/ I’m not suggesting you have a problem with yours, it might just be a case of loosening one of the others to allow you to tighten the one you need. Just be mindful that the screws are the only thing holding the secondary on, so only loosen one at a time and make sure you haven’t unscrewed it fully.
  14. When you say it doesn’t turn smoothly, is that just when tightening, or also when loosening? The secondary pivots around a central pivot point. If you overtighten the screws it is possible to buckle the pivot as it’s plastic. I have seen a thread with some pictures so will try and track it down. When I collimate my SCT, if the screw I need to tighten is already tight, I loosen the opposite screws slightly so that I can tighten the one I need to. I then nip them all back up tight after. I have read some instructions that say you should only ever tighten the screws but can’t see how that co
  15. @SpileI think that what you are suggesting would still fit within the StarGazine format and platform. Some of the ones I’ve seen have been more interactive during both the presentation and Q&A session. It’s just down to how you manage the session. When there is more of a presentation style session happening then you need to make it more formal to stop frequent interruptions, but the same tools could be used in a more open and interactive way and even with different compères. I don’t necessarily see a need to spawn a new series of programmes on a different platform, unless of course you are
  16. I echo the comments above, and it was probably a couple of early purchases from the for sale section that made the difference between me continuing with the hobby or not. Publicising the nature of the scams and educating people to the risks and how to exercise caution to minimise them is the best way forward in my mind, and there has been some useful information posted already on this and related threads. Maybe there should be a buying / selling tips sticky thread to help people avoid some of the common pitfalls and scams. Unlike eBay, you can pass on an offer if you feel the slighte
  17. There are regular StarGazine presentations, if that’s the sort of thing you were thinking off https://stargazerslounge.com/forum/295-stargazine/
  18. Congratulations on your new purchase, it looks to be a great scope. I am going through the same sort of dilemmas regarding my next scope. I’ll be interested in how you get on as this is one of the ones I am considering (final budget permitting).
  19. I have wondered whether the TS and Altair Astro scopes are the same, or whether there is a subtle difference. The TS Optics Photoline 102ED is listed as having an ED FPL-53 and Lanthanum doublet objective, whereas the Altair Astro Starwave 102 ED-R states FPL-53 but doesn’t mention Lanthanum in the mating element. Does anyone know whether the Altair Astro is using Lanthanum or not? The Tecnosky 102ED doesn’t mention Lanthanum either. Just to remove any possible confusion, the TS scope you link to in your original post (TS 102mm f/7 ED APO Refractor) is not the same as the TS Optics Ph
  20. This full package is still for sale however, I am prepared to sell the mount and tripod separately so have raised another advert to cover that. The OTA is not available separately at this time although I might consider selling it if the mount and tripod should sell.
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