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  1. Micheal, I have attched the pic that Gary made for screw depth. I did not see anything about marking the ribbon cables for depth. Although this is a good sugestion and should be easy enough with everything working again. I get the feeling, unless I'm very lucky that I'll do this next time I open the camera up. Sky's are cloudy here. So it's a waiting game. CCDInspector works on the focus of a large field of stars. It calculates the differences in focus and gives a reading of x axis and y axis tilt. I should be able to level the sensor with some tedious work that would be best to avoided. Get a bright easy to see sharpie or 3 before you start the mod. Kevin
  2. Btw, the 600d needed a T6 torx screwdriver in my case.
  3. Well I've modded my 600d. It was a very long night. Everything is operational but I had a heckuva time getting everything right. Multiple things went wrong through the evening. The biggest problem I ran into was marking the screwheads. I didn't realize just how small the torx screws are. And I had purchased a very fine point black sharpie. I wish I had chosen a different colour that stood out better. I had found some guides created by Gary on the three screws that gave the depths of 1.95mm for 2 left screws and 1.75mm for the one on the left. In the end I couldn't really see the marks on the screw which was a major problem. I had to go with the guides and then I went with a half a turn inwards. Originally I was thinking about being very precise. The numbers of 5/12s at the end of the evening seem laughable. I was nowhere near that precise. I ran into connecter issues with the camera not powering on, the card reader not working. And several other problems. I had to remove and re-seat the connecters at least a dozen times. And each time it seem like I put them back the same, only to have the same or different issues. But I do have everything completely operational. The concern I have now is do I have major sensor tilt. I have been testing my lens and it seems like I will be able to reach infinity focus manually. My auto focus does snap the shutter but it appears like it is set to far forward. This was a nice to have for me, as I am only using the camera for astro. im going to try and use the trial of CCDInspector which can check for tilt. Hopefully I'm close because the thought of opening up the camera again is depressing/frustrating. Good luck with your mods. The guys that do this as a service earn their money. Kevin
  4. I reached out to someone I found that provides this service who seemed open to helping. He's been very kind in confirming our numbers. Not going to name him to protect the innocent. Without looking at our numbers he said removing LPF two would be approximately a half turn inwards. My rough numbers show that we are just over 5/12 of a turn, which is close enough for me. No longer concerned about the difference in what Gary has stated. Will be modding my camera in the next few days. Kevin
  5. Yes James, the Hex had me concerned as well. After googling this and looking for images I found the below link. It confirms these are torx. https://picclick.fr/3x-CB3-3959-3x-CB3-5878-Canon-70D-202408421092.html I'm still a little concerned about Gary's 0.147mm 1/12 turn calculation. On the yahoo group he has created he refers to this number several times. So it's no mistake as I mentioned earlier. Michael's calculations look acurate. We should should be just over 5/12 a turn on the 600d. This is a huge difference from Gary's numbers. If you take his .147 and 1/12 turn and you need to get to .22 all you need is 3/24 a turn, which seems to fine of an adjustment. Eager to figure this out! Kevin
  6. You gave me the idea of looking for the 600d parts manual. And from there I was able to trace the part and find a picture of it. It certainly appears like the thread pitch is larger than what we would expect. Check it out and let me know if you agree. Actually I'm editing the post now because if I count 10 threads and the size of the screw is 5.5mm then this might confirm your 0.5 thread pitch. http://www.mk-electronic.de/eng/items/show/CB3-3959-000
  7. I've found several write ups that say you need a T7 screwdriver. This includes Gary's list of required tools.
  8. The torx screw is 6 points. Gary uses divides this into 12 because he needs to do a 1/12 a point turn. See link. http://dslrmodifications.com/650Dmod/650Dreinstallsteps2.html I wish I could find something that documented the thread pitch of these screws to confirm that these are 0.5.
  9. I'm focusing on the thread pitch and the number of 0.147 that Gary has given for a 1/12 turn. This did not make any sense. I think I may have figured it out. If you divide .5mm by 12 you get 0.0417. Is this an error in that the numbers are mixed up? Dyslexia? In any event, it looks like you are getting close. I have found some people stating that the new floating systems don't have much travel inwards. From your calculations above, it looks like just short of 5/12 of a turn to get to .20mm. Let's hope there is enough space to turn this much on all of the screws. Kevin
  10. I've joined the yahoo group, and found this quote from Gary. This seams a difference from your calculations. If we are trying to get to 0.20 or 0.17 inwards turn, then we are just slightly over 1/12 like...3/24? I'm trying to help figure this out. Not at all being critical. And I might be way off as math was not ever my strong subject. Thoughts? A 1/12 turn clockwise moves the sensor 0.147 mm. You use the paper strips to return the the sensor to its original position, then you do the 1/12 turn for the Full Spectrum modification
  11. Michael, Yes, I mention lpf1 because that is the filter that is not being removed. I plan on removing lpf2, and whatever changes that I make either allows autofocus to work, or at least let's me manually focus without an additional filter. I'm using the modded 600d only for astro, but want to occasionally do some Milky Way shots with a lens. Looks like I need to buy a micrometer. Croz
  12. Michael - thanks for all your hard work and sharing your information. I'm hoping you can work it out and that my filter thickness would be the same? I would think that the lpf1 filter from the 450 and 600d would be the same or close. This looks to be extremely precise, I'm hoping my lack of fine motor skills doesn't hamper my mod ?
  13. Lol, looks simple enough. But watching the YouTube video it looked like he was cranking it down to get 1/12. I get the feeling no one wants to reply, because this will make the mod just that much easier. Less reasons to pay for someone else to do it.
  14. I'm very interested in an answer to your question. I'm going to be modding a 600d and would like to retain autofocus, or at least be able to manually focus a lens after the mod. After looking at the video of the 1/12 adjustment it's not clear if a 4/12 would be possible? Is there enough travel to tighten this much? Not sure if you have seen the threat below. The numbers are slightly different than yours. But perhaps this is because of different filter thicknesses on different models of DSLR? https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/488823-ability-to-reach-infinity-with-lens-self-mod-cam/
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