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  1. hi ive just bought an altair 72 edf deluxe and would like to piggyback it on mu nexstar gps , iknow its probably not the greatest idea but its all i have at the moment , my question is the altair edf comes with an altair vixen dovetail plate but what will ineed to put on the 8" sct, will a colestron vixen mount work with it , iknow nothing about dovetail plates and have never seen one yet. thanks
  2. Hi would realy appreciate any advice on which imaging camera to invest in for dso and planets for my nexstar 8" gps sct been looking at the altair 183c pro , but not sure if its suited to my scope
  3. Ok thanks for that , was annoying me just knowing it had dust on it lol
  4. Hi Des Where in essex are you Im in thurrock
  5. Hi Only just bought my first scope Its the older celestron nexstar 8 gps (CF with starbright XLT coating ) Ive looked in to the end and have noticed the secondry mirror has somthing on it looks like dirt specs ( see pic ) , what i need to know is this wurth me removing it and what should i clean it with , iknow they have special coating and that i have to align everything after its just the cleaning part , or should i just leave it . Iknow its steamed up it the black dots thats bothering me Thanks
  6. Thanks for the tips but ive gone with the Baader zoom , should keep me going for a while
  7. Thanks , i have the 25 mm plosll so i was thinking ithe zoom would satisfy my beginer needs until im ready to spend some more more
  8. Hi Im new to astronomy and i have just bought my first secondhand setup which is a celestron nexstar 8 gps ,( CF with starbright xlt coatings ) My question is i have a celestron e-lux 25mm plosll i got with the scope , and i have enough money left to buy another eyepice , but not sure which way to go , either a celestron x-cel lx 18mm and a clestron x-cel 2x barlow , or 2 x celestron x-cel lx eyepieces at diff focal lenthe , or should i spend it on a Baader 8-24mm zoom lens , as it will be a while before shell let me spend anymore on telescopes lol. Thanks
  9. One of my questions is , i only have a celestron e-lux 25mm plossl eyepice with it but i have enough money left over to invest in either one celestron x-cel lx and a barlow lens or 2 x celestron x-cel lx lenses of diff focal lenths , or should i just invest in a Baader 8-24mm zoom lens , as it will be a while before shell let me buy anymore lenses lol.
  10. Hi all Im fom essex uk , and ive just bought a second hand setup of a celestron nexstar 8 gps with starbright xlt coating , and will be needing some advice from you lovely people
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