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  1. Really nice picture! I love the way you can see Betelgeuse warming up for something big...!
  2. I found out what I did wrong, I believe... Rookie-mistake! No need to answer my question anymore
  3. In the menu, where I can choose between "One shot", "AI Focus" or "AI Servo", I have chosen "One shot".
  4. Hi I just went outside to try and take some photos of the nightsky. After a slow start, the camera (a Canon 450D) started taking pics, but when I tried to make some dark frame photos as mentioned in this guide, nothing happened. My camera simply wouldn't take pictures. Being a newbie I could easily be some sort of stupid mistake, but what have I done wrong, since it won't take a couple of pics with the lens cap on? BR Nielsen
  5. Thank you very much you two! That was very useful information, which I'll definitely stick to, when I get the telescope and the filter.
  6. How about a moon filter? Should I buy one? It's not expensive, but if it's no good, then of course I won't
  7. I guess this one is the one most of you recommend https://www.amazon.co.uk/WATCHER-SKYLINER-PARABOLIC-DOBSONIAN-TELESCOPE/dp/B00B0GV1N8 The price is also within my budget, so that could be the one Other than that, feel free to continue with recommendations and discussion here as that's a good way for me to learn. I do however have some "problems" figuring out some of the abbreviations Oh, and some of you guys have asked some of the same things. I have answered some of that in answers to Victor and Starpaw Hope that's okay
  8. Good questions Yes, I have a garden with very little to none light pollution depending on where I sit. Free time...well, I actually got lots of free time, as I work 12 hour shifts and have longer weekends, so no problem there too. For now I don't plan to take the equipment anywhere but the garden. Well, that should maybe be 200 meters away from the house, where the view is even better (the area is more wide since it's fields there).
  9. Hi Victor I live just outside Middelfart (silly name in english for the english-speaking people following the tread :D). There's very little to none light pollution, so I can actually go just outside in the garden, and if I turn the lights off in the house, there's all dark My budget would probably be somewhere around 3.000 DKR +/- If I really have to choose, I would rather like to watch planets and the moon as a beginning, and then later on move on to the nebulas ect Thank you very much for your answer... I might PM you at some time, since danish is a bit easier for me BR Nielsen
  10. Hello from Denmark I'm thinking about getting my first telescope, not right now but within short time... Basically I would like to be able to see it all. Planets, nebulas, stars, the moon... I've considered the Startravel 102 AZ, but I'm in doubt if that's allround enough? I've read about it having "problems" with the colours when looking at fx Jupiter, but I believe there's some filters for that, right? Oh, and if I could be able to photograph through the telescope, that would be nice too. Don't know if that could be done handheld?! BR Nielsen
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