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  1. steveex2003

    Skywatcher AZ4 and Celestron C6-N (reduced)

    Is the tripod/mount still available?
  2. Ever the cheapskate I bought a recon ES Dielectric 2" diagonal for a very reasonable third of the cost of new, for the sole purpose of trying with my new 30mm Aero. The Diagonal does not come with it's 1.25" adapter. Although this is not a problem per se, as I have a couple of semi-decent 1.25" diagonals, out of interest will some or any after-market 2"-1.25" adapters work or are they all proprietary to their host diagonal. Thanks Steven
  3. steveex2003

    Tripod and Mount

    Hi. I have one of these. I bought this from the classifieds here last week. I then bought a scope today (also from the classifieds) with the identical tripod as part of a package. This is a CG5. It has the heavier 2" steel legs, over the more common 1.75. It is very sturdy. It has the 10mm fixing for EQ5/HEQ5 mounts. I paid £90. I'll take a £10 hit for a weeks ownership. It is in used but good condition. I am in Devon.
  4. steveex2003

    SW EQ5 Tripod only.

    Thats a little unfortunate as I was in Wales this morning buying a scope from someone here. Anyway, I have a CG5 tripod which has the larger, stiffer, 2" legs suited for heavier mounts and scopes. It has the standard 10mm fixing for EQ5 and HEQ5 mounts etc. Ironically I bought it on here a couple of weeks ago in prep for a Skytee 2 and large Frac/dual mount arrangement I wanted. The scope I picked up this morning also came with a CG5 so I have the first one going spare. It's in used, but decent condition. Looking to recoup what I spent which was £90.
  5. @parallaxerr Thank you very much. Couldn't be happier. Steven
  6. I'll take the scope and mount please.
  7. And i'd be very interested in the scope. At last one remotely close to me in Devon
  8. steveex2003

    Celestron CG5GT, mount/hc only, spares/repair.

    Tripod arrived. Thank you very much. Steven
  9. steveex2003

    Skywatcher Evostar ED100 DS-Pro Outfit.

    Regardless of how this all pans out, thank you. Most kind. Steven
  10. steveex2003

    Skywatcher Evostar ED100 DS-Pro Outfit.

    Still entirely interested if you or yours were headed anywhere remotely south in the not too distant future.
  11. steveex2003

    Celestron CG5GT, mount/hc only, spares/repair.

    Well if such a deal arrives, i'll throw my chips in for the tripod. The mount is of no interest to me.
  12. steveex2003

    Celestron CG5GT, mount/hc only, spares/repair.

    Sometimes it's very frustrating being in glorious Devon. This is the 3rd ad this week I would have jumped at (I've been after a 2nd hand CG5 tripod for an age) were I remotely within a half sensible driving distance.
  13. steveex2003

    Skywatcher Evostar ED100 DS-Pro Outfit.

    I would consider £430 delivered? ive hummed and jarred about driving, but at 600m it’s a long day and a lot of fuel. Given FLO are literally 2 miles away from me, I am sure you can see my position. No worries either way Steven
  14. steveex2003

    Skywatcher Evostar ED100 DS-Pro Outfit.

    Do you ever travel south? I would gladly take this were I not so far away in Devon.

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