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  1. I have an Equinox 120 (and an 80). I know there are high-end better performing scopes, but to my eyes and feel these are such elegant creatures. I have nothing but love for the Equinox line.
  2. For whatever its worth I recently bought a cheap (<£30 a pop) SVbony Olll and UHC filter, just really to have a play with. I found that I needed aperture for the Olll. In smaller scopes it was just too dark. With the UHC I could see structure in M16 (Bortle 5) that simply wasn't there without it in an 80mm frac.
  3. Heat and expansion. If that fails and all mechanical attempts prove futile, you could with great care and a Dremel-type tool, make two incisions to the adapter internally at 90 degrees to the threads. Cut through as close as possible to the threads without actually hitting them. Then with a narrow bladed screwdriver or similar try and crack the incisions remainder right through the threads of the adapter. If you're successful on both incisions you should be able to remove the section between the incisions and then the remainder of the adapter, either by simply unscrewing (if not cross-thr
  4. An old friend who similarly enjoys driving out on the moors at stupid-o-clock. Properly charged vehicle air-con. Stanley Master Flask. Rab something or other jacket. Alpaca socks.
  5. Nice! (Although not the greatest sales pitch I've ever read on the outgoing model )
  6. I cant say I ever noticed anything on my (balanced) Ercole either, at least nothing that drew attention to itself. Of course the knowing may well now be the curse.
  7. I would be interested to know what you find here. I have said head, and think it such a wonderful little thing other than similarly not having complete confidence in the tension adjustment screws.
  8. I must say that i don't, nor ever have owned a Variofinder. I did look into one a while ago, and came to the conclusion that it is one of the few Baader products that maybe below par. There were a lot of user reports out there expressing dissatisfaction if i recall correctly. I do have an Antares Verascope however. I use it purely as a finder and in that regard it's WA views suit me well. I would say that I seem to get a slight reflection or flaring around the brightest targets. I should make an effort to find why this is. All i will say is that for whatever reason fine focus on a target lik
  9. Off topic, I bought an LVW 22mm from Mike, and it remains my favourite EP. I dont think it's sharper than the Morpheus I have, but it has cooler colour rendering to my eyes, which can give a faux, but pleasing sense of increased contrast. Anyway, another quality product from Mike.
  10. Mark. Very much so. I read something here that I don't know about, which is frankly most of it - but that's the joy, and then off i go and then read about said item or observation. Although i don't struggle with reversed image, a correcting prism of the quality Mike demanded (in his review post) could never be a bad thing. I was fairly up to speed with the potential downsides of these diagonals, but an all but perfect pre-tested specimen got about as close to me sending a PM as it gets. And then that being said, the view of Jupiter last night via my sit-up-and-beg WO dielectric holds my atte
  11. I was very tempted to give that Prism a shot. Glad it performs so well.
  12. Went and had a look on the back of this. Very stable down here in Exeter. Great detail observed on Jupiter!
  13. What a great read! in a given (blind) situation I fully believe I would have spent/thrown my money at the APO, then the Fringe Killer and possibly something else and even something else again before the Contrast Booster for CA cut.
  14. Have both the 6.5 and 9mm. Excellent EP's. Used in F7.5 and F6.2 refractors and an F4.7 Dob. Very sharp to my eyes. The 17.5 and 9mm are my personal favourites from the range. I really do not struggle at all with eye placement, and find them to be most comfortable. The 4.5mm has very obvious EoFB in (my) fast scopes. This didn't bother me at all at first. It does more so now. Fortunately perhaps, it is my least used EP. Another good read: https://www.cloudynights.com/articles/cat/user-reviews/the-baader-planetarium-morpheus-r3003#:~:text=So the combination of all,made the Morpheus a wonderf
  15. My motley collection. I am possibly considering moving the AZ5 on in favour of an Ercole Mini perhaps.
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