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  1. Or perhaps the other end of that spectrum? If it's up for a smile, I'll cover that. This is the EP on ABS?
  2. I picked up a new 055 Carbon Fibre 4 section a bit less than £200 on Ebay the other day. It's a great tripod.
  3. Ercole Giro Dual. I often use a Mak with a Frac, and my little Giro 2 mini grab n go thing.
  4. I would be very grateful for a couple if possible? Steven
  5. I'm guessing there was a moment of drama?
  6. I think that's set the bar pretty high
  7. For sure the 055 3 section versions will be too big for a carry-on. The 4 section versions are about 540mm. I can't speak for the Alu versions. I only bought the CF model because I got it for a relative steal, right place, right time type of thing. It is solid, even fully extended, and as long as reasonably well balanced in the little AZ mount (I have to reverse the foot on the Equinox to achieve this) it can cope with high mag without bouncing around all over the place. That said, even with a 2" diagonal and my Aero 30mm and a Hyperion Zoom, which are my default run around EP's, the total weight isn't much more than 4 - 4.5kg which is about half the rated loading of the tripod. The tripod is about 2KG, so with the head, scope, diagonal and 2 EP's i'm probably banging on 8kg's or so. In a nice backpack, it's not an uncomfortable weight to haul.
  8. M404? Possibly obscured? Viewing wasn't good
  9. Scanning through this thread, my thoughts (and I am about as far away from an expert as you can get) are, you are going to struggle with something travel based if you truly mean back-pack travel and an EQ mount. I have the AZ5 mount and enjoy it, but its quite large and relatively heavy. I also have an AZ GTI which is quite diminutive and light, but goto, and powering goto may not be for everyone. I like the GTI and definitely consider it grab n go and travel good. The Giro mini 2 is small and light and just about copes unbalanced with the Equinox in relation to stiction. The Altair AZ mount and its TS equivalent is super small and perfect for travel also. There is a real performance boost when balancing even these little mounts, but honestly I put up with gladly for not having to bother with counterweights etc. Reading other threads it's obvious that grab n go or travel has its own tiers. I'm at its most basic end, one tripod, one head, one scope.
  10. My little run around set-up. Not a million miles from your budget. Manfrotto 055 Carbon Fibre 4 section - picked up from eBay for circa £180 Equinox 80ED - secondhand circa £300 Giro ll mini - picked up from eBay £50 I love it. Literally 60 seconds to assemble, can pick it up with one hand. Will all fit in a carry-on with ease. Didn't cost the earth (relatively speaking) for a very convenient, not half bad grab n go.
  11. I have a couple of Equinox's so am interested. Could you post a link to the CL, as i'm most likely being dim but cannot find anything with the CL reference? Steven
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