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  1. Minefield. I have sat on the fence for more or less a year on a solar scope. My actual experience of solar amounts to nothing more than an 80mm with a solar filter, and very recently too (managed to get the Mercury Transit - which was wonderful. A year full of reading, analysis paralysis, forget about it for a month - rinse and repeat has led me to the following third-hand conclusions. Quark, standalone or Daystar. Hit and miss, get a good one; super. Get a bad one; wonder what all the fuss is about. Waiting times for on-band tuning. Coronado. The mk2 seems blighted with complaints about the cheap plastic focuser. Bit cheaper than the Lunt alternative. Tilt tuning only. Mk3 is expensive. Lunt. Good offers on the mainland for the pressure tuned 50 and tilt tuned 60 at present. Seems the 6mm BF is really the minimum size to aim for. The 50's helical focuser is not stellar. Pressure tuning seems to be a well regarded addition. Larger apertures, BF's and DS options get heinously expensive. External etalons and BF's. Just plain expensive. I have an FLO voucher given to me for 50th in May and I still haven't committed to the purchase. I'd love a pressure tuned Lunt 60, 12mm BF, but at £4K it's just way out of my budget.
  2. Hypno Disc. I'm fairly sure we had a small toy of your robot, along with other early competitors, and the Arena thing when my boy was a child.
  3. A likely challange to anything Hubble could muster, via the seldom mastered technique of shaky hold of phone about 50mm over the eyepiece afforded me this. Also my first viewing of solar via a solar film filter I never realised I had on an Equinox 80 and Morpheus 12.5mm, So quite special in its laughably amateurish way.
  4. Hello, from Exeter also.
  5. I have looked forward to your thoughts on this. It is quite serious in stature isn't it? It almost makes that Ercole look like a mini by comparison.
  6. I'm all about spirit of adventure (or fool and his money etc if you prefer) At half price you can easily move it on for the cost of postage or thereabouts. Scratch that itch.
  7. For the sake of asking, if you could one for the price of a new Ethos, would you not be tempted?
  8. OK, well slightly biasing my point in my favour then. Ethos are (new) £550-£750 Today would get you just shy of £1800 for your 2000E. I guess 3 then (and it does seem that the Gen 3 refurbs "start" at 2000E) In relative context a Lunt 60, something I am also lusting after, is similar sorts of money.
  9. If I were in the (spending) market for say 2 new Ethos, then I think i would certainly consider one of these. I find it a most interesting and exciting avenue of visual.
  10. Yeah, sadly there is literally nothing about this aspect of astronomy that is even remotely cheap, and I am in no way shape or form well-heeled. I flatter myself on attaining some fantastic bargains on the regular scopes I have. These bargains just don't seem to be about with Lunts and the like, and i've seen maybe 10 or less on the secondhand market this year. I put stock in this, in that those whom have tend to keep. Double stacking of course lives in yet further future aspirations. At least the Lunt modular model approach offers this potential.
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