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  1. steveex2003

    ED frac... what size to go for?

    Ah, forgive me. I saw your earlier photo and thought well that’s pretty much what I have, and so thoroughly enjoy.
  2. steveex2003

    ED frac... what size to go for?

    Duly noted, and obliged. i was aware their current range of smaller fracs were thought poorly of, but had read of favourable ownership of the CR6. For interests sake, may I ask why did you away with the fracs? Did you move up the ladder, or away from them entirely?
  3. steveex2003

    ED frac... what size to go for?

    That all said, there is an ad for an older Celestion CR6 on ABS right now that I keep staring at for £250 if in good order, that’s a lot of scope for quality eyepiece money.
  4. steveex2003

    ED frac... what size to go for?

    For whatever it’s worth, and I would bow to pretty much anyone elses opinion over mine, I came across a fabulous lightweight AltAz mount, that I got for an absolute steal at £50 on Ebay. The Giro GR 2 Mini. A scaled down Ercole, it’s about 20% lighter than the AZ5, but a third of the physical size, if that. It sits quite happily on a Manfrotto 055 and copes with Equinox 80, 1.25 diagonal and a Baader zoom well enough that I don’t feel the need to throw any more money in that direction. When last at FLO just before Xmas Martin mentioned they may carry the Giro range. In my limited experience, their simplicity and engineering quality would have me rebuy without hesitation.
  5. steveex2003

    ED frac... what size to go for?

    I am by far the least experienced here, but followed a very similar thought train to yours. My list of scopes amounts to an Equinox 80ED, 127 Mak, 10" Dob, and my personnel favourite/dream scope at this time an Equinox 120ED. My Orion xt10i was my first scope. Having the smaller 80 and of purely personnel taste, I always knew I wanted a larger frac. I just really like them. I was very lucky to pick the 120 up secondhand here. It was bought complete with a 2" steel leg CG5 tripod, a 16" extension tube and an Ercole Giro. Whilst this set up comfortably copes with the 120 with no counter balancing, in fact we have had a friends 8" Newt in dual mount without problems, this set-up in real-world situation is actually slower to set-up than the Dob in terms of back-of-car to viewing. I love everything about owning that 120, the views, it's operation, even how it looks. If I had to choose between the Dob and frac, i would keep the frac (but i understand that may not be the majority choice). The Ercole Giro is a joy, but the combined weight of this set-up is greater than the Dob, and not really any easier to manhandle. I also have the very slightly lighter, smaller 1.75" legged, steel tripod with an AZ5 mount. Despite it apparently being rated at 9 or so Kg on this type of tripod (5kg on the Skywatcher Star Adventure and one assumes similar photo tripods) the experience is very different. There is considerably more vibration. Don't get me wrong, at a push it's OK, but the heavier mount and tripod is so much better. The 120, with a 2" diagonal, Hyperion zoom and an Orion RACI finder comes in at around 7.5kg. I also have an AZ GTI, and wouldnt even consider mounting the larger frac on it. For whatever its worth, I'm not sure a 120 is grab-and-go. As an OTA it's not hard or heavy to handle, but you do limit it as i guess you do with all scopes by under-mounting it. It's a lot of money and scope for "limitations". The AZ5 and GTI are great with the smaller frac and Mak.
  6. Would second a vote for the Ercole Giro. I have one atop a CG5/EQ6 2" tripod and extension pillar. Unbalanced, it would throw my Equinox 120 around without so much as flutter. For giggles, I hung my 10" Dob (w/rings) off the other side. The mount didn't break sweat. Silky smooth. I usually hang a 5" Mak or smaller Frac on the other side. Looked at the Skytee 2 the other day. Kept the Ercole. The Skytee 2 offers much for its tag, but beware, there are many posts regarding the very poor saddle bolts. Several reports of scopes falling foul of this issue.
  7. steveex2003

    Some odd bits for sale

    Ill take the 25mm and Barlow please My mistake. Please ignore above.
  8. steveex2003

    Where to then?

    Gents. Hello. A friend and I took the opportunity last night to take some new toys out to play. We are both based around Exeter. We traveled to Haytor Car Park and were distinctly unimpressed with the level of ambient light for a dark sky site. Obviously the moon was playing it's part, but when the inevitable heavy cloud cover arrived shortly after our arrival it was evident that ambient light levels were pretty high. We subsequently traveled to a site just outside of Oakhampton, the evening lost to clouds, just to see if it was suitable and it was at least the match of Haytor site, and in my opinion possibly better. Do you chaps have any preferred sites around Devon, preferably south, south east, south west, but we are happy to travel on occasion for the best results. Thanks in advance Steven
  9. Is the tripod/mount still available?
  10. Ever the cheapskate I bought a recon ES Dielectric 2" diagonal for a very reasonable third of the cost of new, for the sole purpose of trying with my new 30mm Aero. The Diagonal does not come with it's 1.25" adapter. Although this is not a problem per se, as I have a couple of semi-decent 1.25" diagonals, out of interest will some or any after-market 2"-1.25" adapters work or are they all proprietary to their host diagonal. Thanks Steven
  11. steveex2003

    Tripod and Mount

    Hi. I have one of these. I bought this from the classifieds here last week. I then bought a scope today (also from the classifieds) with the identical tripod as part of a package. This is a CG5. It has the heavier 2" steel legs, over the more common 1.75. It is very sturdy. It has the 10mm fixing for EQ5/HEQ5 mounts. I paid £90. I'll take a £10 hit for a weeks ownership. It is in used but good condition. I am in Devon.
  12. steveex2003

    SW EQ5 Tripod only.

    Thats a little unfortunate as I was in Wales this morning buying a scope from someone here. Anyway, I have a CG5 tripod which has the larger, stiffer, 2" legs suited for heavier mounts and scopes. It has the standard 10mm fixing for EQ5 and HEQ5 mounts etc. Ironically I bought it on here a couple of weeks ago in prep for a Skytee 2 and large Frac/dual mount arrangement I wanted. The scope I picked up this morning also came with a CG5 so I have the first one going spare. It's in used, but decent condition. Looking to recoup what I spent which was £90.
  13. @parallaxerr Thank you very much. Couldn't be happier. Steven
  14. I'll take the scope and mount please.
  15. And i'd be very interested in the scope. At last one remotely close to me in Devon

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