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  1. I have looked forward to your thoughts on this. It is quite serious in stature isn't it? It almost makes that Ercole look like a mini by comparison.
  2. I'm all about spirit of adventure (or fool and his money etc if you prefer) At half price you can easily move it on for the cost of postage or thereabouts. Scratch that itch.
  3. For the sake of asking, if you could one for the price of a new Ethos, would you not be tempted?
  4. OK, well slightly biasing my point in my favour then. Ethos are (new) £550-£750 Today would get you just shy of £1800 for your 2000E. I guess 3 then (and it does seem that the Gen 3 refurbs "start" at 2000E) In relative context a Lunt 60, something I am also lusting after, is similar sorts of money.
  5. If I were in the (spending) market for say 2 new Ethos, then I think i would certainly consider one of these. I find it a most interesting and exciting avenue of visual.
  6. Yeah, sadly there is literally nothing about this aspect of astronomy that is even remotely cheap, and I am in no way shape or form well-heeled. I flatter myself on attaining some fantastic bargains on the regular scopes I have. These bargains just don't seem to be about with Lunts and the like, and i've seen maybe 10 or less on the secondhand market this year. I put stock in this, in that those whom have tend to keep. Double stacking of course lives in yet further future aspirations. At least the Lunt modular model approach offers this potential.
  7. Thank you for the replies. I am not in any particular rush. I have sat on this want for the best part of a year now. I am certain that I want an Ha filtered scope, and I am fairly sure that the bet balance of grab and go, and ease of use would be a Lunt 60 BF 600 (single stack to begin with) The pressure tuned version will require a little more time squirling of the pennies. The tilt tuned has a very good discount at present on the mainland. I have bought successfully from Astroshop on a few occasions and see no problem with that avenue. The reading of the debate between tilt and pressure leads to the usual analysis paralysis. As best as I am able to discern in the Lunt red tube corner we have a more even (round?) sweet spot and tuning either side of on-band. In the Lunt black tube corner it appears we have an easier to use tuning system with identical on-band performance, but the potential for off centre or a banded contrast sweet spot. The tilt version is currently considerably cheaper than the pressure tuned model by some £600-£800. i intend to use this on a Manfrotto carbon fibre 055 with an AZ GTI in solar mode. Given the discounts available I had wondered if a new model, range or package was on the horizon etc.
  8. For the last couple of weeks Astroshop, Teleskop Express and Bresser on the mainland have had decent discounts on the single stack 50 PT and the 60 tilti-tuned. Does anyone know is there something else coming along, or is this just a sale? I have had my eye on the 50 for a while now, and although wanting a 60, £890 for a new 50-bf400 and circa £990 for the bf600 version is a considerable saving over current UK prices. I would obviously wait if this was an end of line thing.
  9. Antares 10x60 RACI. I am a fan of RACI finders, and this was a secondhand bargain at £40. First time with the twin ring set up though, which took a minute to sort out.
  10. I like that. I am going to buy one and give it a go.
  11. Yeah, without doubt it is so compact and neat. You could almost put in your pocket it's that small. I am fairly sure I have Lunt 60 and possibly a nice 100mm Frac in my future at some point. That you have successfully mounted heavier tubes just makes me more enthusiastic for this little mount. Frankly whilst I very much like the slow mo controls of the AZ5, despite it's higher rated capacity (8 or 9kgs on a decent tripod i believe) I really don't have the confidence in the build quality that i do of the GR Mini 2. Have also had a Skytee, but returned it as it is not of the quality of the big Ercole in my opinion.
  12. A bit of a fan of Alt AZ over here too. AZ5, AZ GTI, full size Giro Ercole and a Giro mini as yours in the photo. I use the mini almost exclusively/permanently on a carbon Manfrotto, counterbalanced with either an Equinox 80 or Skymax 127. I think the mini is nicely engineered, but was sure it had a rated load capacity of 4kg, less if not counterbalanced? I certainly wouldn't have dreamed of putting either of my Equinox 120 or Newt onboard, even on my heaviest tripod (but I have done so with the Big Ercole, and wouldn't do again). I can see from your photo you must have entire confidence in the head over the rated capacity. I too look forward to the details of this mount.
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