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  1. Hi Andrew, great to see you have taken the bold step and gone with the move, what equipment are you taking out for your setup? and what are you doing about insurance which when I looked was a bit of a struggle to say the least? I hope it all goes well and may revisit moving myself if you have a great story to tell !
  2. Good combination of dealers going forwards, I have most of my current observatory setup from Ian which is great quality and I have received nothing but great service from Ian and of course lots of good advice over the years. I am sure the new arrangement will work well. Good luck Ian and FLO
  3. Thanks this is very timely as I take my new 100mm Binos from Altair Astro to La Palma ?
  4. Yep sure is ? you can’t beat a bit of cheap and redundant bathroom ware in your observatory to store eyepieces, adapters and alike
  5. Hi All, So some of you know I am new here and I am also moving my beloved equipment to Spain to be hosted with (I hope) Ian King. Today we (you are never alone in astronomy) started the move by removing the equipment from it's home observatory in the UK. The dome was built in 2004 by myself, my good friend Bob, a chap called Brendan and some other helpers. The original Paramount ME I went in in 2008 replaced 5 years ago with the Paramount ME II (and an EQ6 in between). This was how we started today. and then my friends turned up and we removed the Tak FS12" which was piggy backed on the 12" Officina Stellare RiDK. The we dismantled the many, many, many cables from the setup, then the 12" came off and finally the MEII as well. Leaving a vary bare pier. The next stop for the equipment is a temporary dome (The IMT2 a sister of this observatory) where we (my many astronomy friends) will perform a dry fit of the existing kit, add to it some new equipment to allow the entire setup to be remotely controlled through SGPro before we then take it on a road trip down to Spain. If you are interested in how I get on then follow my posts and I will keep you up to date with the travelling setup until it reaches its final observing space. If anyone knows of any good insurance for equipment in remote observatories please let me know. Thanks and Clear Skies. Dave
  6. M44DSW

    Hello from England

    Too many to thank individually for the very warm welcome so thank you ALL! I have will post a separate item about todays fun and games tearing town the scope
  7. M44DSW

    Hello from England

    Hi Dave, thanks for the welcome. The dome was homemade, fibreglassed from a mould I borrowed from a one Keith Venables in the UK (it went on to make many many domes) and is 3.2m wide. I’ve just sold it to a lucky astronomer on the South Coast due to the relocation of my kit to Spain so will be sorry to see it go, I have fond memories of nights within the dome down to -12deg C in winter . The off the shelf bathroom cabinets helped keep eyepieces and the many adapters in one place and was a good addition. Thanks Dave
  8. Hello from England! Its important to note that living in England and performing astronomy is like playing Pool or Snooker for a hobby whilst living on a ship. The constant shifts in weather, half the time being under the jet stream and few clear night per year, at least at a weekend make it somewhat challenging. That said I enjoy my hobby which I am really only 15 years into. So I was pointed by a good friend here for advice, guidance and interesting chat, I hope to learn much and give some advice too. I currently perform both (yes unusual it may be) astrophotography and visual astronomy, the latter a recent venture back into serious visual after many years away. I am fortunate to own a 12” Officina Stellare Corrected Dall-Kirkham which is about to relocate to Spain as a remote setup, I also own a copy of the The Night Sky Observers Guide by George Kepler and Glen Sanner whilst I search out my perfect scopes for visual. I travel a lot with work but make up for it with travel to the Canaries and other locations for astronomy many times each year. Anyhow, for now hello from England and I dearly look forward to the conversation. Clear Skies Dave
  9. M44DSW

    Hello from Spain

    Hi Sergio, I have just joined too, looking forward to the discussion for sure, welcome aboard. clear skies Dave
  10. Hey short angry ginger geek, I found time to join ? and I hope to find some answers to life the universe and everything in the lounge ?

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      Remember to post to the welcome forum introducing yourself.

    3. Laurin Dave

      Laurin Dave

      Hi Dave ... welcome to stargazers lounge

    4. M44DSW


      Hi Laurin, thanks and I must find time to browse, read and looking forward to learning 

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