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  1. I feel for you. During the twenty years I've owned my Meade Dob, six of the earlier years were spent with it idling in the bedroom closet because our growing family forced (please don't tell my wife I used the word forced) us to find larger, city accommodations, which were great for the kids, but terrible for my observation needs. I almost gave it up. I can't begin to count the times over those six years my wife said I should just sell it. A 10" Dob takes up a lot of closet space. I'm glad I didn't, as time worked to my advantage. Finding a place to store/use gear away from a family home
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    From the album: Beginnings

    10h 37m of 3m subs went into this, with 75ea calibration frames, taken with a modded Canon T6i, from DSS to PS.
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    Hey!, Ho!, Let's go!
  4. I've finally succeeded in squeezing ten+ decent hours out of six sessions into this image, with my first NGC showing satisfactory detail, and overall what I think is a pretty picture. 10h 37m of 3m subs, with 75 calibration frames each, from DSS to PS, taken with the modded T6i and gear listed below. Please, suggestions or comments would be most helpful for this rookie.
  5. No tips, no critiques, just admiration for a job well done.
  6. I too preferred the second image without knowing why, and now I do know why.
  7. How do you like the Ioptron mount? I almost bought one to start off my imaging venture with the DSLR, but in the end decided to go with the HEQ5, et al, mainly because of my experience with upgrading my Dobs several times until I was finally satisfied with the 10".
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    Well, i'all can offer a warm welcome to SGL from one settled North American to another on the go, and can say from experience that this is definitely the place to satisfy your curiosity and any tech problems that may arise with your gear.
  9. It's been all Messier so far since this fascinating photo-venture began for me 11/18, and I really like the colours in this M29. I had three hours of data to work with, but I found that rather than enhance the object, the total data did little to bring out the cluster and rather washed it out somewhat with the more vivid surrounding star field, so I settled on eighty minutes. This is the first time I've found less to be more, but it's only my impression. 1h 20m of 2m exposures at 800i, taken with the modded T6i and gear listed below, with 50 each of darks, flats and bias from DSS to PS. M
  10. Seanelly

    M29 6-05-19

    From the album: Beginnings

    This is my eighth DS (and Messier) object since this fascinating new venture began for me in 11/18, and I like the colours in this final version of M29. I had 3 hours of data to choose from, but settled on only eighty minutes because I found that additional data did little to enhance the main cluster while on the other hand washing it out somewhat with more vivid stars in the surrounding field. This is the only case I've had so far where I found that less data exposed the object more appealingly. But that's just me. 1h 20m of 2m exposures at 800i and 50 each of dark, flat, and bias from D
  11. You could be right. I spun together about ten versions and probably went too far on this one. I'm such a fan of this pretty little gem.
  12. Originally a test subject for my guiding issues, I collected about twelve hours of subs on this and thought I'd throw a few hours of the better ones together. Total 3h 46m of 3m subs with 50 each of dark, flat and bias with no stretching in PS, only level and contrast, taken with the Canon T6i and gear listed below. My goal was to get both central stars noticeable to some degree and some details in the ring, and this at least was accomplished.
  13. Seanelly

    M57 5-22-19

    From the album: Beginnings

    Originally a test subject for my guiding issues, I collected about twelve hours of subs on this and thought I'd throw a few hours of the better ones together, total 3h 46m of 3m subs with 50 each of dark, flat and bias. My goal was to get both central stars noticeable to some degree and some detail in the ring, and this at least was accomplished.
  14. Originally 10% 'and it continues to grow', haha.
  15. Six months ago I was in the position that you now find yourself (though without any imaging scope to start off with). For what it's worth, the most important advice I can give you is reflected in some comments above and can be some of the toughest words of advice to follow in the entire process: don't be hasty. Read up on the subject until you are reasonably sure what your priorities are and can fit them into your budget. In my case, even after three months of homework, I fell short of realizing the entire monetary cost of my start-up venture by about 10%, and it continues to grow (there will
  16. My Meade Starfinder Dob has teflon pad bearings. I use a dry lube teflon spray to ease friction and wear on the tube saddles and base; separate the base and clean it, spray on the teflon pads and the runway, wait until dry (not long, but don't rush it) before reassembly. Been good for me for 20 years.
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    A very pretty sight.
  18. I'll note this down and take the cover off the mount for a look. This hands-on physical stuff is more my style. From the description and the photo, it looks like the intermediate gear is the one above the one being adjusted? Is the int. gear mesh position adjusted in this way or is this just an example photo to show the gears? If the int. mesh position is adjusted by altering the larger gear position as this photo indicates, should it be adjusted clockwise or other, or might it be either and checking the Analysis section of the Log Viewer will show which way is better? I'd love to get my hands
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    So this was not a planet?
  20. Calibration: I set up the parameters again that you mentioned, HFD, minus Star mass detect, and then on a whim rotated the guide camera slightly back and forth in it's mount, and it turns out I cannot always get ideal focus on the stars unless I pull the camera out a few millimeters, which may have been part of the guiding problem, I don't know, though I don't recall in the past selecting stars or having them selected that looked out of focus. Anyway, once I had ideal focus on what I knew were actual stars, Auto select grabbed the first one and away it went no trouble. I'll just have to keep a
  21. Canon Utilities, I will look into this. Are you able to get focus with dim stars around your object or must you locate a fairly bright star nearby? I have seen the tutorial in the link you've supplied, and now that I know more than I did about PHD2 I'll keep it handy to reference, but having initially looked through it a few times it can be intimidating to the uninitiated. I have better aptitude for hands on teaching rather than being supplied off the written page, sort of like being shown rather than being told, if that makes sense, and retain the lessons better this way, which is why I'
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