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  1. Thanks for quick response. I am fairly certain that it is grease. I am going to try with cotton ball with distilled water and some washing up liquid. I do not have a blower and think I am going to wait before I have this so I can remove the majority of dust. Hopefully no scratches are hiding under there. Will definitely be more careful in the future. It will be enough to clean just the 'smudge' correct? I wont have to clean the whole corrector plate (if it's a matter of making it even)? Brant.
  2. Hello I bought my first telescope last year (Celestron Nextar Evo 8), I've used it several times already and never had any problem with moving it/putting it together. Last night I was out doing some photography with my scope and at one point my glove came in contact with the corrector plate. I noticed a small smudge when I came back in. As it's my first scope I've tried to be very careful and got a little scared that it would affect the performance of it. Looking for a professional opinion on this. Does this need to be cleaned? Will it make a difference in my photography/visual
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