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  1. Hello everyone I got a question about eyepiece, recently I bought a Bresser 60/700 and it come with 3 eyepiece H20mm, H12.5mm, H4.5 with moon filter and I want to ask if I buy these eyepiece would I see any difference in quality of image or would I see more details ? Thanks http://astrovest.ro/site/images/stories/virtuemart/product/gl.jpg
  2. This is my day two since I got the telescope and I'v learn so much, thanks to you guys...Clear sky to all.
  3. Yeah I remember there was point when the start was super small and very bright i could bearly see it and after I pass that stage the star begin to be very large but not blurry...maybe I need some other eye scopes from what i'v read lens with H on them are poor..Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone I am new to this community also to everything about space and telescopes , recently I bought a Bresser 60/700 , few minutes ago I watched some star I guess at W 270* don't know the angle...I used a H12.5mm also a H20mm I want you guys to tell me how do I know when I focus to much ? For example lets say the focus wheel its fully retracted I see the start small like some human cell when I begin to turn the wheel to focus more after 5-6 cm the star begin to be very small and bright after that when I continue to turn the wheel to fully extended focus the star begin to be bigger so big that I can only see that star in full view, the edges of star are sharp not blurry...What exactly should I see when I look at a very bright star on the sky ? Thanks and sorry if I did not express my self very well, my english isn't my native language and i'm not familiar with telescopes terminology.
  5. I got one more question , if i buy a barlow lens can I attach it to my telescope ?
  6. Thanks everyone for reply , now I understand better thanks to both of you. Can you guys recommend me some eyepiece for deep space see considering my telescope if its possible. Thanks
  7. Thanks for reply, Today I made some new test to check if telescope is broke or something, I watched again thos towers that are 3-4 km away and the image was clear. My guess is last night I used to much the zoom and thats why image was blurry...Yes i used the erecting eyepiece and 20mm lens is that wrong ? Thanks
  8. The thing is I don't even use focuser .. if I do then the image is getting blurry...as a side note I tried to look at some chimney towers that are at least 3-4 km away and even those are blurry with all kind of lens and I see them horizontal even if they are vertically ...
  9. Hello all, I am new into this field and recently I just bought a telescope BRESSER Arcturus 60/700 the thing is everything is blurry and I am having hard time see something through eyepiece most of the time it's black I see edges of something from inside the telescope and when I do get a start in my sight I see it small and a bit blurry and if i try to zoom in the star is getting a huge white dot and eventually I can't see nothing...Anyone know what is wrong ? Thanks.
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