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  1. Hi all! I was thinking about changing my XT60 connectors used to feed 12V to several devices (mount, DSLR camera, raspi, heaters...) because they are difficult to plug and unplug in the field. Anyone can recommend me a better solution? Must be bad weather friendly? Thanks in advance, Sergio
  2. I prefer the first version mostly because the background... too much clip of shadows in last version in my opinion.
  3. I'm not going to focus in technical advice. Instead I think you should focus in the spiritual or emotional part inherent to any hobby. First answer the question "Why are you doing it?" Check your goals, are they realistic with your resources (time, skill and gear)? If the answer is affirmative try to always walk in that direction, improving each time, tasting the little success that come along the path. Hurdles fought became good themes for "fireplace talks" in the future. Astrophotography is a fight against yourself, pushing your limits, overcoming the difficulties... Try to not compare with other people except your are doing it rationally, knowing the resources involved in their shots. Trying to be the best astrophotographer in the world without investing time and money will only end up in frustration. and always... have fun! Sergio
  4. Without inspecting the raw image to read the values in the core of M32 I can't assure if they are saturated but they seem saturated in the crop you have posted. To solve this kind of problems is usual, and there are a lot examples of M31 all around, to take different exposures to combine them in a single file using HDR integration.
  5. Nice image and colors. Colors are so subjective that I usually tend to have the widest range possible from red to blue. The only thing that disturbs me when watching your shot is the saturated core of M32. ¿is it saturated in the individual frames or is consequence of the processing stretch? Sergio
  6. Thanks David. It's strange, I've used that option. Perhaps the background color is a factor?
  7. Hi all, Before purchasing any additional astrophotography gear I'm forcing myself to finish all the pending material I had done before my break from imaging. This is the last target I could do before my astromodified and cooled 550D stop working in December 2013. Only two tiles from the planned 4 to frame IC410 too. Any comments are welcomed. Annotated version and acquisition data available at my website (sorry, in Spanish, but Google usually makes a good job translating it but feel free to ask anything in this board or in the comments section of the web page) : https://www.astrocava.com/galeria/cielo-profundo/la-nebulosa-de-la-estrella-llameante-ic405 Have fun! Sergio
  8. You can see a bright patch too with the same shape near the top border... Perhaps a change in orientation between flats and lights? Have fun! Sergio
  9. Hi, About the artifacts pointed by the yellow arrow I think they must be some kind of reflection because if they were high clouds they should have been moved between frames. With low probability (too straight perhaps), some kind of IFN. To identify the objects, the best way is using nova.astronomy.net because is a blind solver. Then you can use PixInsight to render a better looking annotated image or using PI from the beginning. Have fun, Sergio NGC-IC NGC and IC catalogs (9900 objects) Name;RA(deg);Dec(deg);PixelX;PixelY;Common name NGC891;35.638410;42.348306;329.326477;204.661419; NGC898;35.834580;41.951444;804.191402;355.774424; PGC PGC HYPERLEDA I catalog of galaxies (983,261 galaxies) Name;RA(deg);Dec(deg);PixelX;PixelY PGC2188802;35.462500;41.900278;849.840595;26.584969 PGC2193819;35.483333;42.180000;521.318876;60.246194 PGC2192495;35.488750;42.106111;608.544203;60.924226 PGC2202439;35.587917;42.611944;16.883422;174.759197 PGC2188325;35.589167;41.873056;887.030693;136.314883 PGC2191336;35.602083;42.041667;688.988820;156.648563 PGC2194478;35.606667;42.214444;485.711443;169.864307 PGC2191363;35.633750;42.043056;688.604055;184.457797 PGC9031;35.637917;42.348889;328.620778;204.262204 PGC2189635;35.649167;41.945833;803.700033;192.840092 PGC9042;35.710417;42.158333;555.833994;257.581530 PGC2192261;35.746250;42.093889;633.100003;285.603069 PGC212965;35.815000;41.922778;837.219431;337.154726 PGC9073;35.834583;41.951111;804.583582;355.760669 PGC2190563;35.875417;41.998333;750.483338;393.919882 PGC212966;35.889167;41.899167;867.785406;401.079361 PGC2189221;35.898333;41.923889;839.004927;410.344165 PGC2190710;35.935417;42.006667;742.863583;446.921389 PGC2188688;35.942917;41.894167;875.638374;448.027301 PGC9101;35.973750;42.206111;509.341062;490.128824 PGC2191807;36.002917;42.067500;673.637805;508.991811 PGC9108;36.007917;41.996389;757.572123;509.978066 PGC2189446;36.025833;41.937222;827.896770;522.877393 PGC2194768;36.032083;42.228333;485.235824;542.151006 PGC2193253;36.126250;42.146944;584.367339;620.655941
  10. I decided to give up the physical edition of S&T because I had the same problem as you here, in Spain. I though people involved in the delivery chain picked the issues because the envelope is transparent and the magazine is appealing. I ended up contacting S&T every month about missing issues but every month happened the same. I was planning about subscribing another magazine because I think quality an quantity of S&T is going lower and lower. Have fun, Sergio
  11. Nice and detailed report, Alan. Now without DST begins the best season of the year with plenty of night to observe before midnight and making our hobby more work-friendly. I'm now trying to compile the legal requirements in Spain to get the same NVD as you and start sailing the sky searching the faint stuff you are already enjoying. Have fun, Sergio
  12. Don't worry... 24bit STF is a more accurate representation of data, but the data itself are the same. This difference between visualizations are mainly related with images with High Dynamic Range or high bit depth. You will need to work with 24bit STF until perhaps the final stretch. Have fun! Sergio
  13. Nice sketch and also a nice object to observe that I was not aware of. Thanks, Sergio
  14. I'm not sure if you are aware of the different field of view (FOV) that the two cameras have. If you don't mind to lose FOV, the small pixels of the 178 will give you more resolution (almost 2x) with the Z61. Yo can buy instead the ASI183 to have more FOV with the same small pixels, but will never reach the FOV of the CANON. Another advantage is the cooling, the best thing you can do to reduce noise and go deeper. When trying to select a new camera (and I am in the same process as you) I first select the resolution I want (deeply interconnected with the kind of objects I want to frame) and buy the wider FOV I can afford. Have fun! Sergio
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