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  1. Really cool set Jim, love the B/W water shots. Are they shot on the Pentax 67? Hope the exhibition is going well.
  2. Well worth 'manning-up' for Stewart, beautiful shot.
  3. There can't be many aurora shots with a full moon in the frame so well worth the effort - great stuff. You're making us southerners jealous again Stewart!
  4. Great stuff Stewart, you've found a cool location for your MW pics.
  5. Here's one for your family album Sam. Payback for posting that awful pic of three middle-aged guys not looking their best after camping in a muddy field, and then adding insult to injury by calling one of us Sue!!!! Pure evil... :evil: Thanks for being such a good sport.
  6. Thanks Tony. I'm trying to come up with a witty response that will be acceptable on this forum and failing miserably. Sam - they are all 30 second exposures. Have fun with your new camera!
  7. Been a bit busy working on other stuff but managed to get some pics from the weekend finished today. The first is a mini swamp near James' tent that no matter how hard I tried to avoid, I still kept trudging through after dark. The second is Sam doing a Jamie Oliver in the back of his van. Following his Sue remark and that evil pic of James, Greg and me, I very nearly posted a doctored version. What do you reckon guys? The next two are general shots of the campsite looking east. The LP, greatly exaggerated by the camera, is from Taunton (I think), although Wiveliscombe and Miverton also seem to be in the same direction. Hilary's refractor is nearest the camera and Dave's newt next, and for the record, it wasn't me that looked down the end with a red light head torch. Honest, Dave! Next is James busy setting up. Greg was there too but failed to remain still enough to register in any of the three or four 30 second exposures that were taken. Sam's dob is next, famous for being peed on by the friendly but territorial farm dog. Kev's newt next with Jimi at the eyepiece and Greg and Sam deep in conversation while I lurk in the mud. Finally Grahame working on subs of M31. Apologies again for the constant yawning Grahame - I don't do beer and late nights very well! Hope you like the pics and roll on the next one!
  8. Just a thought Sam, if you're set on getting the 1100D check out Jessops http://www.jessops.com/Directory/catalogue.ashx/$s=canon%201100d%20camera?cm_mmc=GooglePPC-_-Digital-SLRs-_-Canon-EOS-1100D-_-NULL&gclid=CLSC3_Pth7MCFTMRtAodLn4Auw 1100 D body with 18-55 £302.95, body with 18-55 IS £368.00. Jessops has free delivery and the warranty is included so that evens up the price somewhat - Ebay £9.99 postage and £41 warranty. Also, with a company like Jessops there's the potential to claim the VAT back!
  9. Have you checked out http://www.mpbphotographic.co.uk/ for used or http://www.hdewcameras.co.uk/ for new yet? As Steve mentioned, it was intended for the US market which is probably no big deal but I'd want to know why the dealer isn't selling European stock. I'd also want to know what sort of warranty is being offered for £41.99.
  10. You were missed Tony but not as much as your welsh cakes! Make sure you turn up with a fresh batch at SGL8.
  11. Sounds like what we had on Exmoor - plenty of mud but fantastic views of the MW. Loving the star and red light trails Dave, also full marks for the light writing!
  12. No worries Greg. That looks great and respect for getting it processed and posted while we lesser mortals slouch exhausted in front of the telly.
  13. Great stuff Stewart, the horizon, clouds and warm tones are stunning and make a perfect base for the MW. Nowt wrong with arty-farty!
  14. What a fantastic weekend! Massive thanks to Greg and everyone who attended for making it such an enjoyable weekend. Photos to follow this week and see you all next time! Cheers, Jon
  15. It's absolutely tipping down here in Somerset at the moment so good luck for tonight Greg and see you tomorrow! I'm seriously considering sleeping in my car because I don't want the hassle of dealing with a wet tent when I get home.
  16. Looks like you had a fantastic night, beautiful pics.
  17. Lovely colours Stewart and both beautiful pics.
  18. I hope you don't mind me sticking my oar in, but I think it would benefit from a little more processing - an increase in contrast in both the shadows and highlights, a reduction in blue on the moon to lift it from the background and a little darkening of the sky. There's quite a bit of noise in the sky which is perhaps too much for a noise reduction layer so if it were mine, I'd probably drop a correctly exposed sky on top. Here's a quick n dirty version done on my laptop.
  19. No worries Grahame, I'll put them next to my tent now so I don't forget them.
  20. That's a lovely shot, well done.
  21. I paid £7 for a pint in Bergen 8 years ago! I've recently looked into having a week in Iceland for the aurora - flghts from London, hotel in Reykjavik and car hire, and was surprised how cheap it was.
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