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  1. Cool shots Bob, shooting the moon with clouds always makes for a more pleasing photo than with clear skies, IMHO. I think the B/W conversions look great and would like to see my pick of the bunch, the only colour shot, converted to B/W too.
  2. Mine was fine when I took it to the US a couple of years ago wrapped in bubble wrap and packed in a suitcase. As a general rule, if it's fragile or irreplaceable it travels in my camera bag and/or coat pockets, otherwise larger stuff like tripods and chargers, etc, goes in the suitcase as hold luggage. Have a great trip Lee.
  3. Shame you didn't get a more full on display, but at least you saw some activity and had clear skies, and made the most of a great location. Stunning shots Maciek. I'd love to go myself but am put off by the likelihood of bad weather.
  4. JonH

    Rising moon

    Beautiful shot Werner, what a fantastic view from your balcony.
  5. Awesome stuff. Like 'em all but the first one edges it for me with the foreground rocks echoing the aurora.
  6. You've found yourself a cracking location there Steve. Well worth the effort and beautiful shots.
  7. That's a cracking foreground and perfect for wide fields. Great shot!
  8. I'm in Dallas at the moment and saw it yesterday in a IMAX cinema. Thoroughly enjoyed it and thought the 3D worked really well. Highly recommended.
  9. Good to see new work from you Stewart and liking the painting with light on your foregrounds. Stunning set of night-scapes.
  10. Cool shot Bob, I like it. The colours look fine to me but if you don't like the sky colour, why not change it?
  11. I'm not familiar with the 1000D but if it takes EF lenses then the 15mm will fit. Of course with a crop sensor you won't get the full coverage of the lens, but it'll still be mighty wide! All of these pics were shot with the 15mm: http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/163456-usa-milkyways/
  12. Check out the Canon 15mm 2.8 full frame fish-eye. It's fast, sharp wide open and easy to focus at infinity, and gives an amazing FOV. Or, as you're renting and not looking to fork out around £2k, why not treat yourself to a Canon 14mm 2.8 Mk2. It's corrected so doesn't distort like the fish-eye although that's not really a problem when shooting the MW.
  13. Lovely shots, Stewart, looks like the ultimate all-nighter.
  14. Nice one Bob, the image looks great, not so sure about the joke though!
  15. Nice one John, I was hoping to see a photo of this having missed it myself, and full marks for arranging a plane to fly through the middle!
  16. Been very busy lately so apologies for posting these so long after the event. SGL8 seems ages ago now. I'm afraid I didn't get the chance to shoot as much as in previous years. The one clear night (Wednesday) I just didn't have the jam to make a night of it being too knackered, and then Sod's Law, the weather turned bad for the rest of the week. Oh well, there's always next year... The first pic is Keiran setting up for the night. The second is Justyn (Reddoss), observing the Orion Nebula while manfully holding an uncomfortable pose, yet not spilling a single drop of Special Brew for the 30 second exposure. The third is Kev (Photosbykev), planning World domination from behind his fancy bay window on a rainy night. It was meant to be a sneaky ninja shot only I left my head torch on, hence the look of surprise on Kev's face. I won't repeat what he said because I don't want to get banned. I'll make sure I leave the torch off next time. And finally, Richard, son of Vince66, having his first view of the sun through a PST. Thanks for looking. Cheers, Jon
  17. Looks like a beautiful place. Cracking shot Martin and loving the diffraction spikes.
  18. Lovely stuff Stewart, the figure really makes the first pic. Either you or your mate is very good at standing still for 30 seconds.
  19. Good to see some new work from you Stewart, both beautiful images. What a fantastic location for night photography.
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