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  1. I put plastic bags on my feet, it helps a lot
  2. I get to see that glow above me every night...
  3. 20x80 binoculars on a tripod. They resell almost instantly and it makes upgrading easy.
  4. The mount performs great. And yes the "pro" version does support EQ mode. I'll be honest, I'm in love with this mount, for the price it performs better than I could've expected.
  5. You need to resend the slew command of same object and if the mount sees it's already past the meridian, it should perform an automatic meridian flip. the mount won't flip on it's own. But I can probably just set up a script to click the mouse button once the object is past the meridian.
  6. No, it was cheaper to buy it without it. I use the synscan app for pc. But I guess now i'll try to find a different program to automates meridian flips.
  7. Probably not. But it work great with everything other than eqmod
  8. Also when I try to register eqmod toolbox it says "unexpected error; quitting" Do you know why this is happening?
  9. hmm, I can't find any virtual ports. yet I am connected to the synscan wifi.
  10. My mount is not usb controlled though. It has internal wifi and no way of using usb. which com port do I use?
  11. Connect CDC to ascom and it will open or connect CDC and then open eqmod?
  12. One question. I figured all this out but I can't connect my mount. My mount is an az-gti with an wedge. how would I connect it to eqmod. (I already have it connected to the ascom driver)
  13. I was wondering if anyone knew if EQMOD could do automatic meridian flips. If it can does anyone have a guide or a video that can show how to perform automatic median flips. Any help is appreciated.
  14. Oooh. So pretty! If i was you i'd frame that and put it on the living room wall.
  15. Oooh. So pretty. The spots are so cute!
  16. My preferred time is when there aren't any clouds.
  17. I know that there are a fair amount of tutorials on how mod the 600d for astrophotography if you wish to astromod.
  18. Well thanks anyway, i'll try looking through some settings and re-installing. But I doubt DSS would be asking for 2500+ gb of RAM.
  19. It doesn't show an error, but when stacking begins it says I do not have enough space. If I continue it shows it'll take an absurdly to finish processing. (70 hrs)
  20. yes I did change that to the the temp file storage to the external hard drive. I can successfully register the images, but the stacking process needs more temporary space.
  21. That late in the mars season? Very impressed.
  22. I have over 1200+ images... 45 second subs with a dslr in bortle 9 skies isn't the best combination.
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