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  1. Good day. I'm addressing this problem with our Scopedome shutter since December 2020. The problem occurs every once in a while either during opening or closing the shutter especially approaching the full-close position wherein it creates a loud "bang" noise. After inspecting the dome, I just found out that the gear is now not touching exactly the latch hole of the shutter. Herewith attached below are the images showing the problem. Any tips/suggestions on how to resolve this issue, particularly on the aligning them, what to use etc., if needs replacement? Excuse me if there
  2. Good day. I need help. I'm experiencing problems with our ZWO120MC being used as our guide camera with our telescope set-up. It is connecting with the USB port but it is not being recognized. I tried restarting the PC, changing the USB cables, re-plugging and installed the necessary drivers from the ZWO website, but unfortunately, nothing worked. I tried with the other ZWO120MM and that one worked. So I thought it could be hardware or just driver issues. We operate all equipment through a Windows 10 Home Edition 64-bit PC. I also did what ZWO support suggested us to do (uninstal
  3. Posted Yesterday, 10:50 PM Good day, everyone! I'm addressing this problem with our Skywatcher EQ8 Pro Mount in which we put on our 16-inch Meade LX850 Schimdt-Cassegrain telescope, Celestron guidescope package above, and SBIG STT-8300MM CCD imaging camera in our observatory based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We hear some loud ticking sounds during telescope tracking which bring stars trailing across the field of view. It happened in several non-consecutive occasions (like few days or weeks apart from its occurrence) but has been more evident at this time. The loud ticking sounds only hap
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