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  1. Oh and you could use any big bricks you have lying about , strategically placed in the hole beforehand to save on some postcrete. Sometimes i add housebrick etc when back-filling holes at work , so i save postcrete for these types of projects.
  2. I can vouch for the strength of postcrete as im a fencer and use it daily , and its what ill be using for mine. Its not very pliable for a smooth finish/screeding/floating but would more than suffice for filling the hole for your base and pipe. Cost maybe an issue as its over 4 quid a bag in wickes. Steve
  3. Yeah mate no probs , yes the diagrams would be great , i really need every detail i can obtain about the plates etc. I would position the pipe where i wanted it , and build some shuttering to hold it plum and level , then fill the surrounding hole with concrete. I was meaning i dont really fancy FILLING the actual pipe in two stages (i.e. when you said you stopped 9 inches from the top to insert the m12 threeded rod) Or is the filling of the pipe the part you recommend doing in two stages ? Steve
  4. Adam , another few questions mate. Got myself that piece of pipe as its probably long enough at 1700mm , also got the blacksmith i know to get me a few rods for reinforcing. So moves me on to the construction of the pier in theory. Im gonna use postcrete , as im able to get it from work as im a fencer and we use it a lot for posts as its very quick setting. So everything will need to be spot on as ive not really got time to react if anything goes wrong. Also it will all have to be done in one go (Reinforcing bars , thredded rod etc) as im not sure how well the postcrete binds toghether if done in 2 stages if you understand ? I dont want 2 seperate lumps on concrete in the pillar is maybe an easier way. To be honest im completely lost with regards to the plates. Is two better than one ? The sizes of the plates ? The distances and dimensions of the plates , the holes , basically everything about the plates. Steve
  5. Adam , its ok i was waffling tripe , ive realised about just making plates to fit the mount. Im a bit stumped about the height of the pier though , should i make it to suit myself ? or should i make it a certain height (Is there a standard or recommended height ?) Sourced a piece of decent pipe today , but not sure if it will be long enough as im unsure what height i will need out the ground.... Steve
  6. Thanks Adam , pics were spot on. Ill maybe get you to take a frew more specific ones as i crack on wth my own , if its no probs. Made a start tonight after work , got the skids and floor joists done , and a hole dug for the pier. Mates getting me a heap of 3x2 timber that ill use for framing soon. Can any mount be used ? or is the EQ5 better for it ? Steve
  7. Can you please post some more pics of the runner system you have in place ? From all angles , interior/exterior etc. Ive got all my ideas in my head , and put all the framing measurments etc down in my pad today , but im struggling with the roof. Steve
  8. Akula


    .3 also crashing with me mate , might try the new version. If thats no use ill have to install .2 Maybe the newest version has sorted the crashing fault. Incidentally, what was the error you were getting ? Stellarium.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close ?? Steve
  9. I had quite a first night last night myself. The moon , Pleiades , Orion , Mars and Saturn. I know what Breakintheclouds means , Saturn looked so surreal , as though someone was holding a picture of it in front of my telescope. I cant wait to see it at 200x. Had to go in not long after though as it was getting WELL below zero and 4 jerseys were just not doing it anymore Had a great night though.
  10. Akula

    first viewing

    Saturn too , which ive just sen for the first time !
  11. Just seen saturn , i can believe how surreal it was ! Its as though someone was holding a bit of black card with a little white picture of saturn on it over the end of my telescope !!! Amazing though ! Also cant believe how prominent the rings were. As i said very surreal , cant wait to see it a a bit higher magnification.
  12. Had a good look at the moon , god thats cool !!! and mars too , although only at 100x at the moment. Im absolutely freezing too and aching trying to crouch and look through that finderscope !!!!! Gotta take the rough with the smooth though . Stellarium keeps crashing on my pc it works for about a minute , then gives me the old "Stellarium.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close" Works only for about a minute , but its enough time to see what is coming. Steve:)
  13. Thanks everyone. Got it now , Yeah its Sirius. The last week or so ive been using the 3 stars in a diagonal line just above Rigel as my starting point , which ive just read is Orions Belt. Amanda the skies are absolutely crystal clear here tonight so its going well so far. Steve
  14. If you look in a south-easterly direction just now , what is the bright star ? Its probably the lowest one to the horizon. To help me get my bearings. Steve
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