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  1. I’ll certainly keep an eye on it. Sky-Watcher called it a retaining ring, and the support guy said he’s never heard of one coming loose before.
  2. Thanks for your responses, everyone, my problem is solved! Actually, I Googled around, checked forums, and even emailed Sky-Watcher, and I couldn't find anything about my specific problem, and Sky-Watcher said they had never seen this phenomenon before. The impressive thing about Sky-Watcher, is that a real person responded to my email within 5 minutes of me sending it! Ok, so here's what I did. I unscrewed the eyepiece of the polar scope, observed the 3 alignment screws, which seemed to be tight, and then I rotated the RA axis, and I saw a piece inside the polar scope move. There appears to be another piece/lens thingy connected (is this the reticule?) and it appears to screw in, and it wasn't tightly connected. I took an alan wrench and put it in a notch (that you can see at around the 12:00 position in the photo), and tightened it. I put everything back together, and now there is no longer a "jumping" motion when I rotate the RA. I still need to calibrate the polar scope, but at least I'll be able to do it without the reticule jumping when I rotate it.
  3. Thanks for all your responses! I bought the SA brand new a couple months ago, and overall it's been great. I haven't tried any calibration of the polar scope yet, but I rotated the RA axis a bunch of times yesterday and I noticed that during part of the rotation it moves smoothly, and during another part of the rotation it's a little harder to rotate, and it's consistently at the same spot in the rotation. I also saw the target scope in the polar finder "jump" a few times as I rotated the RA axis. I shot a brief video (link below) showing the jumping phenomenon during a 180 degree rotation. The video was shot with a small refractor and a counterweight and pretty well balanced. Hopefully calibration will clear this up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9Pa9-Wq7xA
  4. Hi all, First post here, and I'm pretty new to AP, just picked up a Star Adventurer mount a couple months ago and have been happily playing around with it with DSLR and various lenses and a 72mm Sky-Watcher refractor. I'm new to the whole setup process, and I'm trying to do a decent job of leveling the tripod/mount, polar alignment, and I should probably think more about balancing the weight of things. I've gotten some decent shots, like 60-120 second subs with up to 300mm lens. My last time out I was getting star trails at 200mm and 15 second exposures, which could have been just a sloppy polar alignment, but today out of curiosity I looked through the polar scope and rotated the RA axis 360 degrees, and I saw that the target circle jumped a few times. I'm guessing that the target circle should appear not to move while the numbers 3, 6, 9, 12 would rotate around as I rotate the RA axis. So my guess is that the polar scope would need to be calibrated?
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