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  1. Yes I did plan to get the flattener at the same time as I did think maybe I could just crop the edges out instead but I don’t think it will work.
  2. Those pictures are really good, how long did they take to do? I am very tempted with the zenithstar especially for the money as it wouldn’t break the bank so I could get the asi120 at the same time
  3. I didn’t even give that a thought, fortunately it’s a while off yet so hopefully should all be back to normal by then
  4. Hi thanks for the reply’s. I’ll add the 80mm to the list for when I go in the shop to look at as it does look ideal my only concern with it would be the weight as I know eventually I will upgrade my mount but didn’t want to do it quite yet. kyle how do you find the zenithstar, as this is the main one I keep coming back to, however my only concern is that the focal length is quite short so when I compare it on astronomy tools a lot of the objects look quite small in the frame. Also has anyone had any experience of the Takahashi, as I know it’s the most expensive but I quite like the idea of having the option of 355mm or 600mm in one unit. all the best jack
  5. Hi all It’s a bit of a long story but. On the 9th September I’m sitting my 7 of 13 accountancy exams ( I can see light at the end of the tunnel) then on the 12th I am staying with the family at Cambridge for the weekend and whilst I’m that way I was going to go to widescreen centre with the intention of buying an apo as a well done or I’ll pass it next time present to myself. However I would like people’s opinions on what would be the best for me to use for astrophotography. My current set up is Sky watcher star adventurer pro Nikon D750 Nikon 50mm 1.4 Nikon 20mm 2.8 Nikon 105mm 2.8 macro Asiair pro The telescopes that I have been looking at are Primaluce 72mm £557 https://www.widescreen-centre.co.uk/PL-AIRYED72.html Wo zenithstar 73mm £549 https://www.widescreen-centre.co.uk/william-optics-zenithstar-73.html Wo Zenithstar 61mm £499 https://www.widescreen-centre.co.uk/new-2020-william-optics-zenithstar-61-ii.html Takahashi fs60-q £1089 https://www.widescreen-centre.co.uk/takahashi-fs-60q-f10-flourite-doublet-apo-refractor-telescope.html RVO Horizon 72mm £947 https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/rvo-horizon-72-ed-doublet-refractor-full-imaging-package.html I know this is different company so would be an internet purchase but seemed quite a good package I would prefer to not upgrade the star adventurer for a couple of years yet so ideally the telescope would be suitable for use on this but then when I upgrade to a heq5 still suitable. Also the prices are quite wide I would rather not spend the top end however if it is significantly better and will last me a good number of years I don’t mind stretching to the top of the budget. I also intend to buy a zwo asi120 in the near future as a cheap trial at using dedicated astro before upgrading to a more expensive one and then using the 120 as a guide camera. Hope this makes sense to everyone and thanks in advance. All the best Jack
  6. Hi Alan thanks for the info. I use affinity photo so will have a look around that and find the lens correction tool. thanks Jack
  7. My attempts have been with it wide open at 1.4 so as long as the weather stays I’ll try stepping it down tonight, hopefully that will sort it. Thanks for all the info.
  8. Hi happy kat no I started by going to infinity on the markings but found it was slightly off so I zoomed in on live view and adjusted until it was as sharp as I could get.
  9. Hi all sorry if this is a silly question but I’ve just bought a new Nikon d750 and 50mm lens and the last couple of nights I’ve been trying to do some astrophotography with it however I cannot get the brighter stars to go sharp. The fainter ones don’t appear too bad but the brighter ones tend to have a disc around them. I did think maybe it was just a bad evening but I have tried it twice now with the same outcome. What’s causing this? thanks Jack
  10. Hi brian It is a reluctant sale but yes if your still interested, by all means send a pm. Kind regards Jack
  11. Hi Brian I’m still very much a beginner myself. I have found that this is excellent for visual astronomy and you can get fantastic amount of light gathering allowing for some of the dso to faintly be seen. Once you have programmed the go to mount it’s very easy to jump between objects and it does track very well. The only reason that I am selling this, is that I’m going into the more lightweight astrophotography as I’ve just bought a star adventurer pro, so this dob isn’t getting the use it should. any other questions just let me know. all the best Jack
  12. Hi all I have the following for sale, I would like £1200 Ono and collection is from CM0. A skywatcher skyliner 250p flextube synscan dobsonian telescope, in full working order. There has been a replacement remote holder but other than that this is in excellent condition. It is collapsible so that it is easier to store and is removable from the base for easier transportation. The synscan is in full working order and tracks objects well and lets you easily find objects in the night sky. Also included are the following accessories which are all in very good condition: Dolly for easy moving of the telescope A padded foam case Baader Hyperion 8mm eyepiece Baader Hyperion 13mm eyepiece Baader Hyperion 24mm eyepiece Baader Hyperion 36mm eyepiece Baader Hyperion 1.25” adapter Bst starguider 18mm eyepiece 1.25” Bst starguider 12mm eyepiece 1.25” Bst starguider 5mm eyepiece 1.25” Bst starguider Barlow 2x magnification 1.25” Bst variable polariser 1.25” Bst starguider focal reducer 0.5 1.25” 2” and 1.25” adapters for skywatcher dobsonian Altair Astro Newtonian collimator Baader planetarium yellow filter 495nm longpass 1.25” Baader planetarium orange filter 570nm longpass 1.25” Baader planetarium red filter 610nm longpass 1.25” Baader planetarium blue filter 470nm longpass 1.25” Baader planetarium dark blue filter 435nm longpass 1.25” Baader planetarium green filter 500nm longpass 1.25” Astronomik O111 filter 1.25” Orion skyglow filter 1.25” Orion 9x50 finderscope Telegizmo cover Astrozap light shield Unbranded moon filter 1.25” Unbranded Barlow 2x magnification Unbranded diagonal 1.25” Lead weighted band to help with balance when viewing objects near the horizon Mini torch Lynx Astro cigarette lighter to power the telescope Mains lead to power the telescope Practical astronomer book Observing guide to variable stars book Astronomical spectroscopy for amateurs book Stargazing book The handbook for astronomical image processing Dictionary for astronomy all the best Jack
  13. Hi all I wanted to buy a star tracker, so that I could have a go at a bit of basic astrophotography. I had decided on the sky watcher star adventurer pro as it seems to have the same spec as the IOptron but £100 less. Now that I’ve made my decision I can’t find the star adventurer in stock anywhere, does anyone know if they are discontinuing it or am I just unlucky at the moment and have to wait. all the best Jack
  14. Morning all I’ll start with a bit of background info. I’m still very much learning astronomy however I am thoroughly enjoying it and wanted to turn my hand at a bit of astrophotography. I feel certainly at this stage I’m not going to be doing loads and loads of it, however if I was to get one semi decent photo per every couple of sessions I would be over the moon (no pun intended). I’m also looking at upgrading to either a 10” or 12” dob so storage space is going to be a bit of a premium as such I’ve narrowed down my options to two. I’m more inclined to go for the first just for financial reasons and storage space however what kind of photos can I expect from both setups and what are people’s opinions on both. Option 1 sky watcher star adventurer pro https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-star-adventurer/skywatcher-star-adventurer-astronomy-bundle.html William optics zenithstar 61 apo https://www.firstlightoptics.com/william-optics/william-optics-zenithstar-61-apo-refractor.html nikon d5100 camera (already own) Vanguard pro alto 2 tripod (already own) if I get into it, the star adventurer can take an auto guider so this could be a later upgrade. Option 2 Sky watcher evostar and heq5 bundle https://www.firstlightoptics.com/pro-series/skywatcher-evostar-80ed-pro-heq5-pro.html nikon d5100 (already own) this can also take an auto guided so could be a later upgrade as well. Thanks in advance Jack
  15. Hi Thanks for the reply’s. I had looked at the featherlight ones but they are out of my price range, the Crawford ones are only just in it. As I’m still very much learning, would the helical one work on my 127 without having to buy any other parts as it’s only £25. Then once I’m a bit more accomplished upgrade to one of the better focusers. thanks Jack
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