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  1. Where did you get your data from? There is so much contradictory information on the internet when it comes to data about stars. Especially the bright but distant ones
  2. Has anyone ever attended an astro/cosmology conference in the US or Canada? I'm thinking about the type that are open to the general public as well as academics. I'd be interested in your views of the event and how it compared to similar events in the UK,
  3. Great stuff. Interesting that both articles state that "Eta Carinae is 7,500 light years from Earth - and it is the biggest star within 10,000." Im not sure which stars are bigger at greater distances. 90 solar masses seems to be at the lower end of its mass range too. Ive seen everything up to 150 solar
  4. First time i've been on this forum for quite a few years, but hopefully that will change. Im keen to get involved in in one of the local astronomy clubs/astronomical societies, but im don't have a clue which would be the most suitable to get involved with. I live in the Midlands not too far away from Tamworth and would be interested in any recommendations from people who live nearby.
  5. As someone who also lives in the Tamworth area have you considered joining any of the local astronomy clubs? Id be interested in which ones people would recommend.
  6. I have a ticket for the Friday afternoonn session, but with the snow im not sure i will be able to get there now. They are predicting more of the stuff tonight.
  7. I always tend to go on the Friday afternoon, Allan Chapman and David Levy are on the bill, should be an interesting afternoon. Paul.
  8. Couldn't find any threads on this years London Astrofest. Anyone planning to go? Although I’ve bought a ticket I’m yet to see any conference schedule, be interested if anyone else knows what’s going to be on offer?
  9. Well i have my photo on my profile now, but in London in early Feb I dont expect to be wearing shades and nor will I have a suntan. Unfortuanetly on Sat 10th Virgin trains are not running at my location station to London so I will have to drive to Rugby or Birmingham to catch a train.
  10. Just watched it onBBC4 and yes it was good, and also longer (30 minutes) than I recall it is usually.
  11. Greetings, I’ve made a couple of posts and set up my profile so I thought I would introduce myself here. I’m Paul and have been keen on Astronomy/Cosmology since I was about 8, which is longer ago that I would like to think. Don’t do any observation anymore even though I have a couple of small telescopes, mainly because in my neck of the woods the street lighting is so bright and there are so many tall trees, but I’m keen to keep abreast of the latest observations and discoveries and with the Internet that’s always available. I also attend the London Astrofest each year and will be there this year on Sat 10th Feb. More about me on my MySpace page. Paul.
  12. I ment, 2nd session on the Sat Mark, which is the fourth and final session and the one that includes Alan Chapman who is always very entertaining.
  13. I was going to set my video for 1.55am but then I saw your post mentioning the BBC4 showing which fits my routine somewhat better.
  14. Bought mine online, £12.50, for the second session on the Saturday and it arrived the very next day. I’ve been going to Astrofest every year since it started (1992 I think) and the topics are always diverse and interesting. The cakes in the coffee lounge are also very good.
  15. Hi - My First post. The Astronomy Now website shop is selling tickets for each of the four sessions, but the links are still showing the 2006 line up. Does anyone have a link for the 2007 sessions. These are taking place Friday 9th and Sat 10th and I'm planning to go to the Sat PM session when hopefully Alan Chapman will be on stage.
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