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  1. Kind of cloudy here thanks to a cat 1 hurricane moving by. Should be 275 miles west of me by late tomorrow. Hope it stays on course, a little shift to the east puts it on top of my #1 daughter some time Wed as a cat 3.
  2. When they finally have to throw the switch into the off position for good I'll be so sad. But it has given so many the chance to see incredible images.
  3. Have to keep her. Luna is the only other lady I can openly express my love of and not make my wife jealous. But on a more serious thought, how amazing is it that the only planet in our solar system to support semi-intelligent life, and was cursed with only one moon, has all the numbers fall in place to give us such splendor as a total eclipse? I will always turn my eyes upward and hope to see the moon.
  4. Past three mornings have been great after a long rainy season. Two mornings I turned my 8" reflector on the moon and with a 10mm + 2X Barlow the detail was fantastic. This morning, leaving for work at 3am Orion was still low on the horizon but you could easily see the majority of the bow, or sheild, which ever you prefer to call it. The to make it even better, got to see a meteor streak just below Orion.
  5. Not necessarily a bump in the night, but close. Years back, went upstairs to go to bed. Was standing by the bed when my oldest daughter who at the time was twelve or thirteen, reached out from under my bed and grabbed me by both ankles. I aged 10 years in an instant. She still to this day dies laughing when it comes up.
  6. With fall and winter coming up, hopefully my neighbor will shield those LED.
  7. My view from aprox 345 to 195 degrees is normally quite good. The distance across the state where I live is at the best 200 miles. Orlando 80 miles to the north, so I do get lots of glow on the horizon. Biggest problem in the trouble area is a fire department next door with newly installed LED floods on two sides facing me.
  8. Reading this has helped my red planet depression period. With Mars just having been the closest it will ever be in what's left of my time and the combination of terrible weather here in Florida for months, plus my schedule, I got limited chances at Mars. The best photo gives you a thought you can see a bit of polar cap. I thought it was mostly my inexperience now I'm back into this.
  9. I also shoot lots of the night sky. Started late last year hoping for the leonids, then just kept at it every good night. Canon Sl1 with an interval timer attached. Really love getting a good meteor.
  10. Thanks for what I've seen and learned just looking around here. I know I'm going to like this group.
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