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  1. Hi, I have been using my HEQ5 Pro it worked perfectly last night but tonight i just cant seem to find the stars during the alignment i am sure it is polar aligned correctly but when i go to do my star alignment it is way of and i cant see the star. any advice?
  2. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could let me know what RA and Dec coordinate i will need to have the scope perfectly centred for polar alignment i believe the dec will be 90 degrees but just wondering wha the RA will need to be in hr and mins i know it doesnt need to be perfect but im a bit OCD with it haha
  3. Another questions sorry how do i change the home park position.
  4. cool thanks for the clarifications.
  5. Ok thanks for letting me know so do the motor unlock the clutches
  6. Hi all, I just purchased a HEQ5 pro mount and after using it it wont seem to move all way on RA but when i put clamps on it does. are you meant to put axis clamps on when in use i dont want to do it as im feared it might burn the motor out. Thanks
  7. Hi All, Thanks for all the comments I think taking it all into consideration I will hold out on buying and see if I can grab a second hand HEQ5. Again thanks for all the comments and hope the child fetches a good price. lol
  8. Hi All, So im looking to get a mount to do some long exposure astrophotography i have a limited budget and feel like a HEQ5 will be to expensive, is a EQ5 good enough to get good images.
  9. My budget for a mount is with the £500 mark.
  10. Hi All, So I am new to astrophotography and was looking for some advice on what to buy, mainly the mount as I don't have a huge budget. I am currently using a SkyWatcher 102mm Telescope (500mm Focal Length) with a Canon 550d along with a EQ2 mount, so no motors as of yet. Any advice on what mounts to get would be great. Thanks
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