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  1. I am selling for £100 a ADM Vixen-type side by side mounting system with 14" connecting bar with two 6" V series saddles. Only been used a couple of times.
  2. There is a gap of around 2-3mm around the 1 1/4" standard eps. As I said maybe there are reducers of some kind available somewhere. I might email Helios
  3. I have a pair of very much used Helios 20x100 BT binoculars and was wondering if 1 1/4" (31.75mm) eyepieces can be used with some sort of adaptor? They came with 3 pair of dedicated eyepieces with measure 1 3/8" (35mm) Mark
  4. I am selling my Celestron 925 OTA as recently I've hardly use it due to purchase of other equipment. I am asking for £700. It is a black tube about 7 or 8 years old I am the 2nd owner and have enjoyed many nights observing with it. It comes with a custom built metal carry case, dew shield and viewfinder. It has few marks on it but otherwise in very good condition. Please note only OTA with carry case for sale. I live in Essex. Collection only.
  5. Sold the mount just waiting to sell the 925 OTA. I bought a 8SE in the meantime and managed to some observing last week. I forgot just how cold you get. Also how prone to vibrations the 8SE mount is. Any suggestions to help stop this? I will buy suppression pads for the tripod, there are so many out there, with prices varying from £15-£80 I wonder if there's really a great deal of difference justifying the prices! And how much they will help stop the vibrations. Any advice always appreciated.
  6. I have decided to bite the bullet and buy my friends Lunt 60mm double stacked pressure tuned scope with EQ5 pro mount and some other bits and pieces for the price my friend is asking a new set up for the same would be nowhere near as good and will buy the 8SE in November. Thanks for all the replies much appreciated. I will return with some pics asa I've mastered the equipment hoping to catch the transit of mercury
  7. First I've heard about trouble with pressure tuner. Tbh I don't fully understand the 'real' advantages with the pressure tuner. Can it be added later? I will seek out and read about it, before making my mind up because it's a lot extra to purchase with a pressure tuner than without and to me makes all the difference. As for the EQ5 mount that's what my friend uses. I recently replaced to top part of my HEQ5 pro mount tripod as some years ago some one tripped over it and damaged it. When I looked at the damage I thought not a good design for the tripod leg stability, in fact I wa
  8. Thanks for the replies much appreciated. There is interest buyer interest in my heq5 mount atm so hopefully it'll sell soon. As I am going to buy an 8se anyway I will most likely go for lunt 60mm asa practical, financially possible lol, and use the 8se mount until or if I feel a mount like the solarquest is really better and easier than the 8se mount. I'll have to break the 8se down for storage so the mount will be free if you know what I mean.
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