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  1. I have decided to bite the bullet and buy my friends Lunt 60mm double stacked pressure tuned scope with EQ5 pro mount and some other bits and pieces for the price my friend is asking a new set up for the same would be nowhere near as good and will buy the 8SE in November. Thanks for all the replies much appreciated. I will return with some pics asa I've mastered the equipment hoping to catch the transit of mercury
  2. First I've heard about trouble with pressure tuner. Tbh I don't fully understand the 'real' advantages with the pressure tuner. Can it be added later? I will seek out and read about it, before making my mind up because it's a lot extra to purchase with a pressure tuner than without and to me makes all the difference. As for the EQ5 mount that's what my friend uses. I recently replaced to top part of my HEQ5 pro mount tripod as some years ago some one tripped over it and damaged it. When I looked at the damage I thought not a good design for the tripod leg stability, in fact I was surprised. When I finally realised it was too messy to fix I found a parts supplier and for about £30 replaced the top part of the tripod and to my relief they must have realised too because the new top bit is much better designed. Tripod legs solid now. I'd post pictures if I knew how to get them from my mobile to here! Sorry to drift off of subject. Mark
  3. Thanks for the replies much appreciated. There is interest buyer interest in my heq5 mount atm so hopefully it'll sell soon. As I am going to buy an 8se anyway I will most likely go for lunt 60mm asa practical, financially possible lol, and use the 8se mount until or if I feel a mount like the solarquest is really better and easier than the 8se mount. I'll have to break the 8se down for storage so the mount will be free if you know what I mean.
  4. I have since learned that 8se mount will be fine for lunt 60mm. But will hold out for a while hoping to sell my current set up to fund purchasing my friends set up
  5. Fabulous and inspiring shots well done. I have the chance to buy my friends lunt 60mm double stacked pressure tuner etc with goto mount at an excellent price. But funds are low. I'm trying to sell my current Heq5/925 set up and intend to go back to a much missed 8se. That purchase is not dependant on the sale of my old set up. I was hoping to use sale to part purchase my friends solar scope. I wonder if the 8se mount is good enough for a lunt 60mm? Which I could probably buy but as a basic starter scope hoping to upgrade, double stack, etc at a later date.
  6. Hi. I'm not really new to astronomy but new to Solar observing. I would like to buy a 50 or 60mm hydrogen alpha filtered solar scope with a budget of around £1500 what you some of you recommend! I only really intend to observe, at least for now before I try any solar photography and like the look and feel of the Lunt equipment. I say feel because a friend of mine has a Lunt 60mm double stack with a few other bits added. I don't really the funds to stretch that far, but maybe could add to a set up when funds allow. Is there a big difference between single and double stack? Is it worth the extra dosh? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Mark The above might not be in the best forum, feel free to move it if you see fit.
  7. I will use the astro buy and sell. But decided to give ebay watchers first dibs. Not gone too well, plenty of watchers time for a change. I suppose could be a bad time to sell as summer in the UK
  8. Thanks Doc. That's exactly what I'm doing now, can't advertise the sale here, not enough posts yet, using eBay via my wife's account, I don't usually sell on eBay, only buy. Only posted yesterday. But looking forward to getting an 8SE again.
  9. Thanks again for your replies. I hsve decided to sell my HEQ5... and 925 ota and buy an 8se like the one I use to own abd thoroughly enjoyed using as often as the weather let me. Might take a couple of months to organise, due to busy work schedule, but I think that's my best option. Hopefully money I get for sale will cover cost of 8se. Regards Mark
  10. thanks DP. I have thought of doing what you've suggested before but not practical at my current address. Will move within the next 3 years so will wait until then
  11. Thanks for the replies the above set up and ideas are good, budget wafty atm will build up a scope kitty and assess my options.
  12. Hi all. It's been too a long time since I've actually used my scope. I have a Sky Watcher HEQ5 Pro mount and a celestron 925 OTA and various eyepieces. I've never been comfortable setting up the mount although it works perfectly when I do manage to set it up properly. That's the trouble, me! I've got so much stuff to aid my set up, cds, videos etc but still I struggle. I live in a fairly light polluted area in Essex so only finding the polestar is sometimes a struggle. In the end I don't bother and use my big binos to observe. How I miss my Celestron 8SE! My first 'real' telescope. It was easy to set up and I was out observing as often as I could. I was thinking about changing my mount, part exchanging, swapping etc. for another SE type mount capable of carrying the load of my 925 OTA. If not then maybe buy the 8SE again! Any suggestions, help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Mark
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