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  1. Oh no...I feel your pain - the last clear night before Christmas, I had a the Heart Nebula lined up and was all set up at 6pm...except it only took me 3 hours to get polar aligned! I just couldn't find Polaris in the polar scope - the first time that had happened to me. Still eventually got a few hours of subs, but the frustration at losing imaging time led me to...an impulse purchase of the Polemaster....of course clouds ever since! Tonight is looking decent for London, so I might get to test it out finally.
  2. Inspirational collection! Bravo!
  3. Wow - great pic - I love Orion!
  4. Vlaiv - thank you for that! Capturing a few very short subs of M42 shouldn't be too taxing... I tend to agree that the image currently is "consistent" the core IS bright and hence why the whole nebula is bright, so I would look to make only a subtle change - but I really appreciate the technique you've opened my eyes to - I use both masks and PixelMath, so appreciate the two-sided explanation!
  5. Thank you Sam and vlaiv for the warm welcome and compliments! The light pollution is what made me go down the mono route - and I have the 3 main narrowband filters which will be put to good use! However, I was skeptical about LRGB (well mainly the L) due to the LP, but thought, just give it a go. I think it was the bright nature of M42 that was more of an issue than LP in the end - I used quite short exposures. The RGB subs at 15 seconds (unity gain and 30 secs for R) did not seem to blown out and the ADU was coming in at around 1400-1500 per sub, which seemed about right for efficient sky glow smothering subs for the ASI1600. The Ha subs at 250 secs (unity gain) were also coming in at 1400-1500 ADU, which again seemed correct, though the Ha stack was very bright in the end. However the L subs at 15 secs each were coming in ADU 3300-3500 and I could see the core would blow out...I think going much lower in sub length raises practicality issues (willing to give it a go though!), or I could lower gain for the L subs to 0. I do also have an IDAS D2 filter, but there seems to be an opinion that stacked filters (the IDAS would go in front of the L, not replacing it in the wheel) may lead to a softer image... ...so yes I do have angles for attacking the core...but as you say vlaiv, ultimately M42 IS bright. Decisions, decisions...
  6. Thank you Gav! The obsession is already strong...I'm checking the 7-day forecast every day...met office cloud cover tab never too far away. Quite apart from the physical capturing techniques, which I love....gear upgrade options are always there and even though I should be spending the next clear night collecting more M42 photons, there are just so many amazing targets up there... ...I've got it bad. Long may it continue!
  7. Hi everyone, I've been lurking around this place and CN for about a year, ever since finding this incredible hobby and have picked up so much from the global astrophotography community. I'm ready to engage! As I am sure with many others, M42 was the DSO that captured my heart and started my obsession with astrophotography; my heart still soars when Orion is in the sky! So after having initially captured it in March with an unmodded DSLR, wide angle camera lens and startracker, I've been impatiently waiting to have a crack at it with a telescope...and other upgrades. Here is my first completed LRGB project, including some Ha in red and lum. Shot in my back garden (I also now have a back garden, which I didn't do in March!) in Sutton a week ago. 3.9 hours total integration. Shot with William Optics Z73 + ZWO ASI1600MM-Pro + iOptron CEM25P + Astrodon filters. Processed in PI. Blown core (rookie error) and residual noise issues after sharpening, but I'm happy for now. Thanks for looking!
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