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  1. Hello, does anyone have experience of the ATIK EFW3 being compatible with the celestron 1400 edge HD? I’ve got a 0.7 reducer and a celestron OAG in the train, and would like to know if the EFW3 and subsequent CCD will work with this setup without any major issues? thanks for any help, cheers
  2. Hi, yes its an edge version. Thanks for the information, that is exactly what I needed. I say standalone but meant multi purpose, ie planetary/ lunar shots as well as Deep sky imaging and auto guiding. (I didn't think using a reticle eyepiece and handguiding was ever in!) So it sounds like you are suggesting a monochrome CCD. It is capable of converting to f2 lengths but this is something for later I think. Can you suggest a suitable CCD for me to look at? Cheers
  3. Thanks Earl, Ive had a play around with some lunar imaging already and its far better than the stuff Id done before, and this was just messing around as opposed to serious attempts as I didn't have that much time!
  4. Hi, its not my first foray into imaging, but havnt been able to do as much messing around due to full time work commitments and weather! I have some ability to aquire some decent kit to help out at the moment, but while I can, I thought I'd get the best kit I could to future proof!
  5. Hi Earl, thanks for the quick reply. I am planning long term wise to have a permanent pier set up in the future, but at the moment just have the tripod and eq mount as supplied. Would I be able to use the ccd for general purposes and autoguiding together?
  6. Hi Everyone, I recently upgraded my equipment to a celestron cge 1400, and am in the process of ordering an off axis guider. However, I would like to autoguide this rather than but the reticle eyepiece. I am thinking of going for the celestron nightscape 8300 ccd camera, which is colour and so doesn't need the rgb filters with a monochrome camera. I was also thinking of using this as a standalone camera. Does anyone have any tips or views of this equipment? I also have a canon 100D camera which I was hoping to use. Thanks for any help, Neil
  7. Oops, apologies, I thought you meant an off axis guider, where you meant the all in one auto guider which piggy backs. Disregard all said above!!! N
  8. I think they have a reputation for being quite fiddly, and time consuming, but on the whole, I am going to go with one as I think that they can achieve the best results with a dslr. (Someone can correct me on this!) You can buy an eyepiece along with the OAG and move the mount manually keeping the reference star in the crosshairs without a laptop, but PHD can do it far more accurately and hence the need for a laptop in that case. I am looking for a ccd camera myself for autoguiding purposes but was wondering if I may as well go for a quality one as it would be good for dual purposes. Would anyone else more qualified comment? Cheers N
  9. Hello everyone! I've been using a Celestron nexstar 8SE for a number of years but have now upgraded to a CGE pro 1400. I'd like to start taking some more challenging photography and to this end, I've got a few things on wish list including a 0.7 reducer, a Celestron OAG (and 14 inch SCT adaptor.) I already have a canon 100d dslr and would like to use it, so have the t-ring and adaptor already for this also. I would like to use an autoguider rather than the optical cross hair eyepiece, so can anyone suggest a suitable ccd to use with the OAG? I am also thinking of going the whole hog and going for the nightscape 8300 CCD camera eventually. In this case, would it be correct to assume that the dslr and OAG would then be redundant? Thanks for any help, cheers Neil
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