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  1. Are the optics in the zoom as good as buying separate pieces? How close will the zoom get the view of the moon?
  2. Thanks for the reply. I do feel a bit lost but it’s the budget and portability/storage I’m thinking twice about. If I go with the 250 I’ve blown my budget for now and I wanted a quality eyepiece and a Cheshire. Im thinking of this combo (see pic), any thoughts? Thanks
  3. Will a Barlow help the 8” or does a better quality eyepiece with a lower number do a better job?
  4. Thanks for everyone’s help, it’s very appreciated. Ive heard that the 10” may struggle in the UK with atmospheric conditions and the 8” may be better. it’s a tuff one really.
  5. Thanks for your replies, I wish I could compare the 200 and 250 side by side with the exact same eyepieces. if the 200 performed with a negligible difference I would get the 200 as it’s quite a bit smaller. I’ve tried searching for images taken of the moon with both but they’re all stacked images. Thanks for the heads up on the FLO return. Regards
  6. Hi, Can anyone help please? I have a budget of £500 ish. I want to look as close as I can at the moon and other planets and take photos of the moon also. I would also like to see some DSOs as well. I’ve been looking at the 200p and the 250px Dobs but if I went with the 250 I wouldn’t be able to afford more eye pieces for now so I was thinking of the 200p which would allow to get better glass and a Barlow. which would be the best route? would I be best getting the 250 until I can afford the extra glass etc? Thanks
  7. Very interesting and a fantastic setup. Would you say going 2” has any major benefits? Do you ever mount a camera to it? Thanks for the info Louis
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