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  1. ok so I bought Celestron 11049 NexStar 4 SE Computerised Telescope and this morning I had some good clear skies. I wanted to see Venus and Jupiter however as I didn't have the time to mess around manually trying to align the telescopeas clouds were coming. The hole reason why I got this telescope it was my understanding it be able to find and track planets for me. I am no means an expert in the sky, all what I wish to do is see planets. My question is can I buy anything for my telescope where it'll do all this automatically like turn telescope and make it find the moon for instance? Thanks
  2. hello, I just bought a Celestron 11049 NexStar 4 SE Computerised Telescope. I am struggling with it, it didn't come with manual and I've been looking on youtube but can't find what I'm looking for. I don't quiet understand the longitude and latitude. example where I live it's -2 for longitude so do I type in 002? does anyone know a good youtube video where I can go for a tutorial? thanks!
  3. so I finally mastered how to use my Nikon P900 and take a look what I got. sorry for the camera shake my tripod had to be loose so I can find the planet quickly plus it's rather sensitive sometimes!
  4. I have a Celestron AstroMaster 70EQ telescope and I bought a Celestron NexImage 5 camera. Last night we had clear skies for a while every time I pointed my telescope to a planet by using an eyepiece when I changed it to my camera it never picked it up on the scree. I just get a blank screen, though during the day I can pick up trees etc. what am I doing wrong? what settings do I need to use? Thanks!
  5. I use night sky app for my Iphone, I was wondering if anyone can recommend anything else? I'm after a live planet finder, I know night sky does that but it's not always accurate. thanks.
  6. I actually saw Saturn last night, it's my favorite planet in the solar system she was beautiful.
  7. will a Celestron 93711 NexImage 5 Solar System Imager fit on to a Celestron AstroMaster 70EQ telescope? Thanks
  8. A few days ago I got my self a Celestron AstroMaster 70EQ telescope, I know it's simple but it's something for me to start with. I had a fantastic night last night. I saw the planet Mars for the first time in my life and that was breathtaking. The next thing I notice this bright white object passing by it I thought hmmm maybe it's a plane, I followed it and to my surprise it was the ISS, I couldn't believe my luck. I managed to manually track it, sure all I could see was a bright light but I didn't care for me I was getting good practice. The moon finally decided to show it's face around half twelve and manage to see that, however I was left somewhat disappointed with the eye piece 20mm what came with the scope, I was expecting to see more. My Nikon P900 can pick up more detail. Anyway I shouldn't complain too much as my logic tells me that maybe the eye pieces are for planetary observation. My enjoyment for astronomy has been rived it's been a long time since I used to do it due to my health issues deteriorating as I am no longer to stand up for long periods of time. I have my telescope in my bedroom again one of the main reasons why I bought AstroMaster 70EQ because it's light and not so bulky. I hope soon I'll get into astrophotography.
  9. I've been looking at Solomark Universal Cell Phone Adapter, does this fit the Iphone 5? Thanks.
  10. It's always nice to see a full moon, I recorded this with my Nikon P900 camera.
  11. Greetings, I have always be into astronomy and had various telescopes in the past. Sadly my health issues have worsen in the past two years so I am unable to stand for long periods of time. My other telescopes I gave to my nephews years ago as they were amazed by what they saw and now they too are keen on astronomy. Anyway I recently bought a light telescope so I can use it in my room I got a Celestron AstroMaster 70 and now I wish to do astrophotography. I have been doing some research into what telescope camera to buy and many recommend Celestron 93711 NexImage 5 Solar System Imager. My question is will this fit into my Celestron AstroMaster 70? I hear that the software can be a bit complex to use but I use photoshop and seen tutorials on youtube and it looks fairly straight forward. Many thanks for any advice/answers.
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