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  1. Good afternoon , everyone ... 

    I am a little ashamed to say this but the last time i used my Telescopes was 19th October , 2019 ... so , over 5 months later i dusted off my Z61 . 

    Last night i viewed the plaides and of course the orion neb ... hey ! it was my first time in 6 months after all ! 

    Although the z61 is a little small for good planetary visual i couldn't help but have a quick look at venus . There was one problem , when looking at the planet it was so bright that i had what looked like a  diffraction spike going from one side to the other ... Question , would that be caused by the planets brightness ( all the other stars that i looked at last night  were pin sharp) or do you think there is a problem with the lens?


    1. Philip R

      Philip R

      You are not alone!

      I can't remember the last time my 'scopes came out. I think it was about the same time, (exept for my local astro-soc open day on 29th February ...and that was during daylight hours).

      To answer your question, it maybe an internal reflection. You could try a variable polarising filter. I have/use this type...


      Stay safe! 😷

  2. Never give up , remember, there’s always a way ! 

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