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  1. Thanks you guys for the info.I admit I’m wet behind the ears in this but the passion is lifelong and just getting stronger as I age and can’t help but to wonder more.Most of all I appreciate the info on purchases.With a pretty big family I’m not willing to spend too much and all the advertising is beyond confusing when shopping for a scope I could grow with.It blows that I won’t see the moon in the magnification I dream of but there truly is far more I’m hoping to see and learn.I’ll add onto this thread when I see more comments or at least when I make my purchase.Better yet -I’ll choose a telescope then report here BEFORE I do.Oh and to answer about the Dob-I did some research and watched a video of John Dobson building one way back and the hand grinded mirror gave me such a great respect for the process I considered it boss.Thought maybe starting with a Dob would make me learn the way the Pros do.
  2. To save time getting right to the point-Ive owned a celestron skyprodigy 90 and that scope alone made me feel more powerful than ever.Im planning on spending close to 2,000 on a new setup with a far larger aperture and although I love the cassegrain goto scopes from celestron and Meade,I’ve been wondering if my budget should go toward a custom dobsonian. My dream begins with landing a setup within that budget and choosing the right attachments to be able to study the moon up close and personal.If you can imagine it I’d like to be able to at least recognize a footprint if there is one.Im assuming this is possible while so many scopes can see so much further away like other planets and such. I’m more than grateful for any input that you’ve learned the hard way or any financial corners I can cut while still being true to the game. Thanks in advance.
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