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  1. Hi Jade - welcome to the forums. 130 is a lovely first scope (I own one!) As already stated by Mr Spock, more than enough to keep you busy for a good while to come. Maybe budget for better eyepieces (they're ok but not the best) - but at least you'll be able to use those when you upgrade!
  2. Welcome to SGL Realtog! From the info & advice I've gained from other users, I'm probably going to go for a 5mm myself at some point - for lunar & planetary. Having said that, I still find the choices pretty confusing. Relying on the knowledgable people on here to keep me right. The EPs with my own scope were basic but certainly enough to get me up & running. I have an Explorer 130m - first sight of the moon through it was a BIG improvement over the binos. As advice above, just try the scope as it is. If you're anything like me it will be more than enough to keep you busy for a whi
  3. Welcome to the forum Jon. Great advice from everyone - particularly regarding the book. It's required reading! I've the same scope as yourself and, as suggested, we have to be realistic about the type of images we can expect to take. I'm from a photography background but AP is a whole new ball game. As far as I understand, there may also be issues with this scope regarding the focusing of a DSLR attached via T ring. Quite a few threads mention it so maybe check them out before you purchase anything. (The weight may also be a big ask of the EQ2 mount.) And as James says, there are other options
  4. Hi Joe. Welcome to the forums! Recently got same scope as yourself. I have a moon filter on order - I'll be mostly looking at the moon to start with. Will be upgrading the eyepieces as well at some point soon as I've read that the ones included are just 'ok'. Thinking that I'll be able to use the new ones when the scope gets upgraded! That'll probably do me to start off with. Will just add to it as I go along. Tom
  5. Hi Michael - welcome to SGL!
  6. Chris - just as an additional. Seems that planetary AP is possible with a DSLR! Found this link posted by MagnaMan http://www.astropix....tary-imaging-2/ I'm using an old 40D so no video. Having said that, the link seems to suggest it's still possible to a certain extent with stills.
  7. Hi Chris, and welcome to the forum! The one piece of knowledge I've gained from this site is just how important the mount is to AP. If you're hoping to photograph deep sky objects, the sturdier the better. From what I gather, DSLR's don't lend themselves too well to planetary photography - maybe investigate the webcam route?..... I've resigned myself to the fact that the scope is going to have to wait a while. I'm going for an HEQ5 at least and mounting the DSLR on that for some long exposures for the time being. I did consider getting a scope for observation only but AP is going to be my thin
  8. I feel your pain Sam! I haven't got a scope myself. I'm convinced I'm going into Astro-photography in a big way, so concentrating on the mount first. The scope will come later. Obviously portability comes into it as well. It's finding the happy medium between what you can afford/storage/what you want to do with it (well for me it is). All I can suggest is take your time & do your research. The info on this site is brilliant. Good luck!
  9. Welcome Rick! (Snow in Belfast tonight - not looking good for the rest of the week either..........)
  10. Hi Andy. Welcome to SGL. I'm saving for a similar scope myself (although the HEQ5 is going to come first for some widefiled AP). I'm surprised no-one has recommended the 'Making every photon count' book yet. It's proving invaluable to me - gives you a realistic perspective on AP. And there's no end of opinions on the forums as to what the best mount is. General consensus is the sturdier the better, I think!
  11. Hi Conna - nice scope. Welcome to the forums!
  12. Welcome Fletch. Bought the book myself a while ago and it's a highly recommended read. Both it and these forums will keep you right!
  13. Hi Lodge, and congrats on the new scope. (Good luck for clear skies!)
  14. Hi Ella - welcome to SGL. Good luck with getting the scope sorted - keep asking!
  15. Welcome to SGL, Alan. Great advice on the forums - I've spent many a night reading through the older posts!
  16. tommo b


    Hi Gilez. hope you get to use the scope soon! Welcome to SGL.
  17. Hi Enrique, and welcome. Looking forward to seeing some images of the sky at your end of the world!
  18. tommo b


    Hi Graham, welcome to SGL. Patience is a virtue.......apparently!
  19. tommo b


    Hi there - welcome to SGL. (And I'm going to recommend you download Stellarium before someone else does!)
  20. Welcome to SGL Mike. And congrats on the new scope!
  21. Hello Paul, Holly & Joe - and welcome to the forums! I would recommend downloading Stellarium as well. Useful, as well as being great fun to use. Kids will be able to zoom into some interesting objects for a closer look!
  22. Xiga, off the top of my head can't think of anywhere. I think I'm the other side of the city from you (Newtownabbey direction). I think I've been to Delamont - it's a nice site from what I remember. As you say, it's getting somewhere safe and free from the pesky kids! Light pollution where I am is pretty awful, although our small back garden can give some great views. Will do for 'experimenting' with the HEQ5 & DSLR (when I get it) but will need a decent dark site eventually. Will have a think re: sites over your way & let you know if I come up with anything. In the meantime, enjoy ogg
  23. Hi Wiz - welcome. Have had 10x50's for years & love them. You don't necessarily need a telescope to enjoy astronomy! Enjoy
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